Getting Caught With Rego – Grounded (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Awful Music] [Awful Music] Some Dude: Errrrrrr. The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity. [Clock Ticking] Dad: (Angrily) What is that? What is that!? Jeremy: It’s…It’s nothing. Dad: NOTHING!? Mum: Look Jeremy this is very serious- -just answer the damn question! Jeremy: IT’S NOTHING MUM. OK?! [SLAP] Dad: Don’t you talk to your mother like that! Is that understood? Mum: We know what it is anyway we’ve read the messages on your phone! Jeremy: You did what?!
Dad: Yes and we’ve read your messages from this- -“Shrimpy” character Mum: Alright geez, ten out of ten banging cheese. Holla’ at ya’ man “Shrimpy”. It continues- – big fluffy haze. The real deal. A plus plus plus. Come get it before it’s all gone fam. Shrimp And this one simply states. “Stinky
from shrimpy”. What the fuck Jeremy!? It doesn’t even
fucking rhyme! Dad: And guess what? We’ve also read your replies- [Tense Music] you gave this…Shrimpy. £30 for this?! Jeremy: Dad. [End of Music] Dad: It’s not even a goddamn eighth! Jeremy: Dad! Dad: When me and your mother don’t expect you to get mugged off! Mum: That’s not how we raised you Jeremy! Jeremy: Look! That’s just how much it costs these days okay?
Dad: What? 30 quid for less than half a eighth? Jeremy: It’s good weed! Dad: Good weed? GOOD WEED!? This is
rubbish weed! This isn’t cheese! This isn’t grade A
plus plus plus! This is susquehanna! This is Rego! [Jaws Music] Dad: Is that a seed? IS THAT A SEED!? [Unbuckles Belt] Mum: LOOK WHAT YOU MADE HIM DO! You’re grounded mister. For a whole month! Now go to your room! [Running Up the Stairs] [Door Slam] Dad: Where did we go wrong huh? Didn’t we teach him to pick up good weed? [Sigh] Mum: We did our best this is just a learning phase for him. He’s going to make mistakes. Dad: [Sigh] Well I hope for his sake you’re
right Have you got grinder and Rizla? [Country Music]

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