Giant Sculptures Decorate North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

(peaceful instrumental music) – [Voiceover] The town of Regent is dying. I said, if someone doesn’t do something, this community will be a dead community. I have a paved road from
interstate to Regent. Now what do I do to bring
people down 30 miles? (peaceful instrumental music) Then it dawned on me, nobody
is gonna drive 30 miles for normal sculptures, but they might drive
for the world’s largest. I started the Enchanted Highway in 1989. I’ve been at it for 28 years
and it takes me roughly about four to five years to do one sculpture. The first year, local ranchers
taught me how to weld. I put in eight hours a day
to get one sculpture done. I used old oil well tanks, I cut ’em open, and I flatten it out and
that’s 90% of my metal. It’s a passion project right now. I started with the world’s
largest tin family. The man is 45 feet tall,
the woman is 43 feet, and the boy is 23 feet. Geese in Flight has over 300
length of oil well pipe on, over 15 miles of weld on it, and is in the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. It’s something I will continue
on till I’m six feet under. Then I hope it continues on after that. I want people to see that this guy who didn’t know how to weld,
didn’t have an art class, if he can create something like this, I can do almost anything.


  • Corvaire Wind

    That's inspiration! ;O)-

  • Gavin F.

    Can you put the coordinates or something to tell us where these things are? Please?

  • Cali Records

    i love this guy ,amazing

  • Blabbererer

    This guy is a genious! Amazing!

  • Mike G

    Been there twice. This was pretty cool but not amazing. It's not far from Dickinson, along a road that starts at I-94.

  • Basit Saliu

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  • Cindy Eliason

    I want to visit!!!

  • Martie Rollin


  • John Abela

    I saw that in the book

  • Todd Dunning

    Those darn motivated, independent builders and creators. There's got to be a way to tax them and wipe them out.

  • Amanda Fortner

    Way to go!

  • EliteSalvi

    Yea I would easily drive 30 miles then grab a bite to eat.

  • toBpositive

    Passed through your way and saw your sculptures. Very, very nice. I hope your town starts to flourish and, I am sure it will, due to your beautiful art! Thank you for sharing 😉

  • Paul Baldwin

    Mr. Greff, Thank you for sharing your amazing art. You are extremely talented and have given a wonderful gift to all of us.

  • World Wise

    Brilliant. I love unusual stuff like this.
    I made a few videos of the coolest and WEIRDEST !

  • 1buellrider

    Very cool! Serious question though, how can you spend 8 hours a day for 20 years? Every waking hour of mine is spent trying to feed my family. Please share your secret. I beg you!

  • Mother Earth

    Love that drive along your Highway…i see you have some new ones since my last drive. can't wait too see them

  • Mel Kostelecky

    I've personally gone to this so many times and i find them super creppy but very cool 😂

  • Andrew Chon

    I see this place all the time. Happy to see someone recognizes the Midwest for once ;p

  • Antonie Arbogast

    I really want to know what is the background music name..

  • Master playz

    Thanks fo4 calling us a tiny town but I love these I’ve been there

  • WorldCurrency Collector

    When is this dude gonna fix the geese in flight statue by my house it gettin be dumb I can’t even go up there on the ranger bc it’s closed

  • Karen Shields

    Last summer I was going to North Dakota and by accident saw an article about the Enchanted Highway just before I left. We drove out of our way to take this drive and really enjoyed it. Very fun!

  • Mr. Vegas

    The 1 thumbs down dickwad …. Is too, apparently… AN ASSHOLE ! 👍

  • Mr. Vegas

    Drove the Highway 2day ! It was …. FUCKING AMAZING 🏅🏅🏅🏆… Hats off to you Sir, Along with the stunning fields of ( Canola oil blooms ) it was WELL worth the drive !


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