Girl Pepper Sprays Me With Her iPhone

Girl Pepper Sprays Me with Her iPhone! – [Gabe]
What? – Just look like we’re normal. – [Gabe] Look like we’re normal? Oh, ’cause
there’s people. Hello. He just got pepper sprayed, so. Yeah, he just got pepper sprayed. – He got pepper-sprayed? – Yeah, yeah. He got pepper-sprayed, you guys
are good. It was just typical stuff. You know. See you later. – So I got the pepper spray case here, and
my good friend Kate– – Hello. – She’s gonna pepper-spraying me later, and
she’s just as scared as I am, ’cause no one wants pepper in their eyes. So this right
here is a pepper-spray iPhone case, it goes for six dollars, link’s below, and it’s really
dead simple. It’s essentially an iPhone case that just happens to have this pepper spray
functionality here. They don’t really make this anymore, they only made it for the iPhone
4 and 4S, so luckily, I was able to dig up my old iPhone 4 right here. Now, normally,
packaging isn’t really cool, but there are some interesting things that they have in
the warning section, here. So, on the back, it says, “Warning: the use of this “substance
or device for any purpose other than “self-defense is a crime under law.” So, let’s go ahead
and check this out. Oh, my god, I’m scared. So, the case comes in a few different colors,
I just happened to pick up the pink model here. And once I’m done with this, Kate’s
actually gonna use this in her purse, and she really likes the pink model, too. So let’s
put this on our iPhone 4. Oh, boy. I have touched an iPhone 4 in a minute. Pretty simple
stuff. And we got this fake little iPhone here. Let’s see what it says on the inside.
“It is recommended SABRE Red be carried in hand “when walking alone, entering buildings,
hallways, “elevators, parking lots,” or in my case, an apartment. “After spraying the
attacker, “escape immediately and call police.” So Kate, after you spray me, there’s the door.
911 here. Oh, I’m shaking, I’m shaking. Hang on. There we go. So it just snaps in. You
still got all the functionality to your iPhone. I think the last time I used this was the
video where I showed off my favorite apps of all time. Oh, boy. So looking at the pepper
spray itself, ’cause, I mean, this is what’s gonna be getting me. It says the pepper spray
expired about five months ago. In my case, I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or not. Maybe
it’s gonna decrease the effectiveness, which I think for everyone’s sake is a bad thing,
’cause we really wanna see me burn, here. But I don’t know if it’s gonna be, like, detrimental
to my vision, so if I don’t see after this video, you know why, we went down fighting.
So I’m gonna show you this thing actually works. We’re gonna press the button. Oh! I
was leaning back in my chair, and I got startled. I didn’t think it was gonna hit me. Honestly.
Oh, my god. My throat burns. I got a napkin here. So, yeah, it might say it’s expired,
but it’s ready to go. So there’s only one thing left to do. – Oh, my god. This stuff actually– – Easy. Oh, she’s dying. I’m dying. We’re
all dying here. – I’m so nervous. – Are you good? She’s dying, we haven’t even
started yet! – How is this safe for the woman? – I got Kate here. How you feeling, Kate? – No, not good. – You’re scared? We’re both really scared
to do this. So, in an ideal situation, we’re at a club or something like that, and I’m
being super weird, and Kate’s just like, “Nuh-uh-uh!” Pulls the pepper spray out and sprays me.
It really smells here. We’ve all been coughing for, like, 10 minutes, so. Kate, there’s only
one thing left to do. We’re both, we’re both– – Disclaimer, I really don’t want to do this. – Let’s do it. – Okay. – All right. – Whoa, my heart is, like, – I’m sweating, too. All right, ready? I’m
just, I’m not gonna, I’m just, like, don’t say “one, two, three.” You’re just gonna have
to do it, all right? Ready? – Do you have to keep your eyes open? My heart
is actually, like– – I’ll keep my eyes open. – [Kate] My heart’s pounding– – Yeah, ready? – No, I’m not gonna tell you when I’m gonna
do it. – All right, ready? – No, I’m not ready! This is so mean. No,
you’re looking at me, and you’re like, your eyes are, like, glistening– – I got puppy dog eyes, I’m like, “No, don’t
hurt me!” – Oh, my gosh. Okay, so, it comes out this
end, right? – Yeah, it comes out– – I’m not gonna back away, if I keep backing
away– – I can smell it, like– – We haven’t even sprayed it, yet! – I’m shaking. – You’re shaking? You’re shaking? Oh. You
gotta do it. – Okay, don’t hate me. – I’m not gonna hate you, trust me. You’re
shaking. I’m shaking, too. – I’ve never– You’ve never pepper-sprayed
someone? – No, I don’t even own pepper spray. – You don’t even own pepper spray? Wow. – [Kate] No, I don’t need this stuff back
home. – So, for six dollars, you wouldn’t even buy
it? Oh, my god, I feel like, whenever you get close to me! – I don’t need this stuff. Oh, my gosh. Like,
the more I wait, the more I start shaking more. Okay. – You have to do it. Oh! Oh, it’s all over
the floor! – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow, ow! Ow! Ow,
ow! Ow, ow, ow. – [Kate] Well, it got to me as well. – Sorry. Do I look pretty? – [Kate] Always. – It’s like going to Buffalo Wild Wings, and
pouring sauce all over your eyes. That’s how much pain I am in right now. – I mean, the moral of the story is, I think
this stuff gets the girl as bad as it gets the guy, ’cause I’ve been out over at the
pump for ten minutes. – [Gabe] We’re good. – You should take me around, I’m your friend. – [Kate] How you feeling? – I can’t see anymore. – [Kate] Well, try not to open your eyes. – Okay. So, it’s like, David After the Dentist,
but Keaton After the Spray. – Well, moral of the story is it got all of
us, so. – I feel light-headed. Sit down. – [Gabe] How you doing? – Not well. My lips aren’t on fire anymore.
Well, they are, but like, it’s like a medium at Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s like a five out
of 10 in terms of spiciness. – So, like, do you know what happened, though?
When I sprayed you? – You sprayed yourself? – No, well, yeah, I did, and I had it on my
hands and then I touched my face– – No, you touched your face? – Yes, I did, which is why I said I’d forget.
I only sprayed one half of your face. – We’ll just go, we’ll just go. I’m like a
nine out of 10 right now. – Uh, yeah. He looks like a nine out of 10
right now. – [Gabe] Minus five? – His face is red! I feel so bad. – [Gabe] You did this. This is you. – [Kate] No. – So as you guys can tell, for six bucks,
it definitely works. I am gone, my face is red, everything’s on fire. But I would definitely
pick this up for six bucks and if you have an iPhone 4. So that’s pretty much it for
this video, if you guys enjoyed it, please put a thumbs-up on it. Like, I’m in pain.
And go ahead and subscribe for the next video. Hit the icon right here, click it, you’ll
get subscribed. Big thanks to Kate, go check out her Instagram, link below. And thanks
to Gabe for filming the behind-the-scenes of all this. That’s pretty much it, and I’ll
see you guys soon. Did you spray me again? Did you spray me again? – I didn’t, it’s– – [Keaton] Peace! Ow, ow! – [Kate] Oh, my gosh.

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