Girlfriend – Expectations vs Reality | #Roleplay #Sketch #Fun #ShrutiArjunAnand

comparison!! you know… we’ve grown up with this comparison like that who studied well, who got a good job & etc.. etc…. OMG!!We all have gone through this sort of comparison As other side of the grass is always greener So today I’ve brought for you a video titled as “Your Girlfriend Vs My Girlfriend” guys I’ve enjoyed a lot filming this video now its your turn to be happy & enjoy just turn hit that LIKE button to turn it blue so lets enjoy watching this video its ok.. let me pay for this how much it cost?? Rs 100/- why are you looking me?? just give it .. what are you watching?? Football match even its mine favorite too this DIsha trying to be look hot. Let me show her.. just give me the phone the last one is so nice upload it on instagram with the caption ” Angel in My Life” even I’ve no friends in Canada. why are you so worry I’ve downloaded this Azar app on your phone but you know I don’t like this dating oho!! this is not a dating app its a friendship app just have a look you can talk with anybody or can make video call all over the world with anybody can also add some costume effects or even add facial recognition stickers to your chat experience you can add new friends to your friend list the best part is that if you make foreigner friends like you can’t understand his language your live chats will get translated into your language or even you can chat, video call, messages with your old friends as just its a matter of two months stay comfortably & make a good friend circle there I’ve no friends there what’s the need of friend there as I am with you I’ll just install a security camera in your phone so that i can have a look on you Is she Shilpa?? your ex girlfriend would you miss her?? its not like that just book a cab for her or even go with her why you had made that such a fatty girlfriend talk you later as I am busy in a meeting oh I disturbed him talk you later as I am busy in a meeting even I am busy too have you paid my credit card bill? I’ll pay & what about movie tickets ? oho will book after this meeting first you have to book the movie tickets you don’t even be able to do this little task and talked about meetings… how sweet your friends are!! had a nice meeting with them that girl Neena was siting with you she is such a cute girl & she shy a lot oh god what kind of friends do you have foodie !! talked about billions & four spoons are missing Shubham Plz I think there’s an urgent message on your phone you always do like this I don’t want to talk with you I am angry with you I am angry with you don’t want to talk anything oho plz listen now you can’t even utter a single word now you became like a statue Shubham I’ve ordered your favourite food Rahul just order food for me okk so what you’ve ordered for me?? your favourite Manchurian & Garlic Bread don’t you know what I like don’t you care about my likes & dislikes I liked these dishes two months earlier ohh got it!! you want break up with me you are going to Canada so I’ve brought this warm Jacket for you see the colour will look good on you I am going to Canada what you’ll gift me gift!! you know !! what people says about us you are so lucky that you’ve got me as a girlfriend instead you have to give me the gift This looks so fancy one have you come here first time it look so expensive oho this Restaurant seems so weird Is this you favourite one Nopes! even I come here first time ok just give me your phone sure this is your first time to be here and this wi-fi would automatically connected If you’ve enjoyed this video so don’t forget to share it with your Mom, dad, husband , boyfriend etc… Also don’t forget to download the Azar app this is a friendship through which you can make friends from all over the world also can chat or video call with your old friends I’ve given the link of Azar app in the description box below so guys just go & make some more friends

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