GIRLS vs BOYS – Day Routine | #Fun #RolePlay #Sketch #MyMissAnand

No matter how differ the living style of Boys and girls but one thing remains the same feelings remain common in us Watch this video till the end and he has come in my video so hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES now lets enjoy this funny video again he is sleeping.. Wake up otherwise you’ve to do all the work by yourself Thank god no one has bothered me today what’s here… its better they left the stuff here Wake up otherwise you’ve to do all the work by yourself which one should I choose as summers are on so lets take this Mango one it has Shampoo, Conditioner and body wash its 3 in 1 just like me what are you looking by the way you kids not use natural stuff they use only chemicals these days Dadi, no chemical content in this and its skin friendly too like no tears at all while bathing its really Wow and such a nice Mango fragrance again he came will you take bath what you’ll do taking bath you had bath recently in the last month you really look smart without bathing just go… go! go!! don’t bath Go… did I forgot something? lets take the whole Universe πŸ™‚ don’t want to make it heave so what should I keep in it yes the most important thing high calories in these I’ll become fat if I consume more than 1000 Calories lets have milk and corn flakes yes walnut too as these are good for health lets edit to this only 80,000 Likes in five minutes I didn’t took bath from the past ten days and this picture will get popular #Editing I am so famous on social media he’s so happy in just 3 Likes today is a holiday and I’ve no work at all so I’ll enjoy and have fun the whole day my room is looking messed ok lets clean it in this free time now lets play with my doll house played a lot now lets apply nail polish we have just only two week to achieve this deal and yeah start hiring to new people how are you my child Mumma I am in a meeting pls call me later what happened I am not well feel like if you come to meet me you came but Bunty hasn’t come he is still busy see he too has come I feel like that you wouldn’t come yes we need to work but Mother come first Girls take so much time in getting ready and boys get ready even in half second have you enjoyed this video do let me know in the comments on my community or Instagram post as comments has disabled on my channel

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