do you have a lot of green arts supplies? its a cootie catcher! [laughs] an argument could be made that I have too many and today I’m gonna
be using every single one of them to make an illustration here goes nothing ♪ at this point I’ve got a lot of experience
using all of my art supplies in a single color – I do my little swatching I figure out what all the colors look like then I start thumbnailing but green
may or may not be a creative color but I for one had no idea what I was going to
draw so I started doodling green things like grass leaves The Incredible Hulk and Mike Wazowski..? you know everything you think of when you think of the color
green I dabbled with a few other ideas finally resulting in this little
thumbnail down here in this bottom left corner all by itself and I was ready to
finally start the illustration but not so fast I’m not going to be drawing it
in portrait I’m gonna be drawing in landscape I will have all of the art
supplies listed in the description below including the paper but first we’re
starting it off with this green Col-Erase colored pencil it’s a good place
to start because it’s erasable and if I make any mistakes
I can obviously remove them and try again — the sketching stage is not only my
favorite part of any illustration but it also could be argued is the most
important because it’s where you take a blank page and you turn it into
something you have to make a lot of decisions and you’re laying down all the
groundwork for your final illustration I started with the actual character –
when I did the thumbnail it included like a background and I started
sketching it I some reason just like put on my blinders and started drawing the
character I think it’s because there’s all that foreshortening and I wasn’t
entirely sure how I was going to go about that but the character turned out
pretty good so then I finally started adding in some of the leaves and the
greens and the shrubbery all around the characters so that they look engulfed the
next Art Supplies I used was this Americana acrylic paint in the color
citron green I use this color a lot and I don’t even just mean to fill in the
entire background which I did but I end up coming back to this color a lot
because it is one of the brightest lightest greens and it’s opaque so it
comes in really handy later on next I use this SAP green golden open acrylic
paint so it’s slow drying and I actually mix this a little bit with the Americana
paint at times but this color it was really
really cool because it’s just so much darker than the last paint that I was
using so I can put in these super contrasting dark shadows I love it now
that I have my base layer of those two acrylic paints I waited overnight for it
to dry because I use that slow drying open acrylic paint and you’ll know it’s
dry when you can do your handy-dandy technique of using your actual hand and
just batting the canvas “it’s still tacky?..wuut da heck?” for the sake of productivity I decided to ignore the wet
bits and move in with this Copic Sketch marker in the color G0000 which I lovingly like to call: gooo now this unlike the acrylic paint that I
mentioned earlier is my actual lightest toned green art supply that I own but
it’s not opaque so I have to be very careful about how I use it I decided to
use it it’s kind of like a skin base tone I kind of just used it to figure
out where shadows might be you end up not being able to see this by the end
but I do think it was helpful for just laying out the groundwork next I used
another Copic Sketch markers this one is g00
can you guess what I call this one? Fred this one I took extra care to add
shadows to the skin so you can see I like put like a pretty large one
underneath the knee I’m still kind of visualizing where the light source is
because I kind of messed up and didn’t decide on that before so it’s something
I kind of struggle with for the whole drawing but by the end I think I figure
it out after Fred I used this green Posca pen which is an opaque acrylic
marker and I used this to add a couple extra shrubs to the left of the drawing
I wanted to have something that came up and overlapped over the character so she
looked like she was behind it I kind of created some tangents when I did it so I’ll keep
working on that then I just made sure that I evenly distributed the color
around the drawing so it didn’t look out of place then I use these 3 Ohuhu art
markers they’re actually three different tones there’s like a mid-tone a light
tone and a dark tone so it was like perfect for adding in the
shadows and starting to color in the character so I use the darkest one to
color in the underside of the Hat I used the mid-tone one a little bit more for
shading and adding like a separate tone in there and some shadows including some
shadows that leaves above her were casting onto her body then I actually
switched back to that darker marker and I used the bullet nib and started adding
in the line art to the drawing – I don’t have a very dark fine point green pen so
this worked pretty well in a pinch this next art supply I’ve had since I was 14
this is the green papermate highlighter this colors bright it highlights things at first I colored in those two big leaves in the top left of the drawing
but this color I’m no sure it fits into the color scheme so I didn’t do much else
with this and I like vowed to cover it over with something else the ‘something else’
was not this green ultrafine sharpie but it is the art supply I used next this is
much finer than the Ohuhu art marker that I’d use for line art previously so in
some of the sections that I had saved for something thinner
I used this sharpie and I was actually able to fix a lot of the mistakes I made
with the large clumsy bullet nib this next Ohuhu art marker is pretty cool
because it has a brush nib and I used this to add some tone to the shorts
I like this color cuz I had a bit of a different hue than some of the other
greens that I already had in the drawing then I used another Ohuhu brush marker
this one’s a little bit darker and I used this to add darker leaves around
the drawing and also adding texture to a lot of the leaves oh I also use this to
color in her shirt I decided it needed a little bit more contrast between like
the skin and the shorts as well as their hair so I thought this darker color
would work really really well for that next I’m going to use this Qor water
color in the color green gold and I tried to use this to tone down that
highlighter green leaves first I just layered it over top and then I also
layered it over top of her shirt to kind of spread that color throughout the
illustration next up is this Amsterdam acrylic marker it’s kind of like a Posca
pen but you know a different brand so it’s opaque its hue is actually a little
bit more on the blue side compared to some of the
other markers so I just used it around the shirt for like just a little fun hue
shift oh this is one of those moments when I
detour and go back to that Americana acrylic paint and it just went over the
two big leaves there because again I just didn’t like them while that was drying I moved on to this fine point dark green sharpie and I used
this to add some more texture and detail to some of the leaves adding like those
little like line things that leaves have the veins the veins of the leaf that’s
it oh and then here I thought I had made a big mistake but it actually I think
really improved the drawing I went back and used that green gold watercolor and
I went over a lot of the skin this is just adds some tone there and a little
bit of warmth instead of that white paper shining through and I think it
just makes the character look a lot more alive but then when I moved on to the
legs I was a little bit more sparse with it and I feel like this helps make the
face look more like it’s in shadow and underneath those leaves and then the
legs are getting a little bit more sunlight so I’m very happy with this
decision — finally moving on to some more art supplies I’m using these two Ohuhu brush
markers and I used them to continue to add detail to the leaves like little
spots that the bugs had eaten through and more veins and things like that
and I used these two matching sharpies and ultrafine and a fine point and I used
this just a slight more shading to the character just like in little small
sections that I thought needed a little extra oomph and then if it needed to be
extra small or ultrafine as Sharpie likes to call it
I use the little one then I moved on to these two watercolor pencils both by
Derwent – I used the inktense one in the color field green to add a little bit of
texture to that front leaf there as well as just some more shading and freckles
in some of the places where I put shading I also grabbed a paintbrush with
some water and I just kind of like spread them out and this is a very
saturated green so it added like a fun effect then for the other one which is a
Gaphitint in the color ‘ivy’ I used this for just little grass textures in
the grass I really like the away these look it’s like
cute and cartoony and I think the color suited that Acrylic paint really well we’re getting near the end here but I’m gonna try to speed it up so I’m gonna
use these three Copic Sketch markers we have G05, G29, and G99 I’m using the
darkest one since it is transparent and dark I used it to add some shading
behind the leaves and behind the leg and kind of just even out the tone of some of the
paint that I had used to shade just like evening out that tone so there isn’t so
much texture there g05 I use to add some more shading to the skin it’s a lot
darker than some of the other things I’d used to shade the skin so it worked
really well for those deeper shadows and adding more contrast then g95 is very desaturated so it works really well just like pulling some of the color out of
some of those shadows so I kind of just overlapped shadows that I had already
colored in alright another detour going back to that acrylic paint and adding
more [leaves] over the character to kind of try to look try to make your look
deeper in the vegetation after that I use this green bombay DrPH Martin India
ink and I used this with a paintbrush and focused it towards the top half of
the characters body adding more and more shadows just trying to make them look
like they’re deep under these leaves and pushing the atmosphere of the
illustration and by focusing all of these shadows towards the top half of
the body it just pushes it backwards and deeper into again the vegetation and I
very quickly fell in love with the contrast between this color and that
really neon acrylic paint just look how they look together
they’re so saturated and beautiful alright we’re heading into the final
stretch here these are three Ohuhu fine liner brush pens I used these kind
of the same way I’ve been using everything — when we get near the end
things get a little repetitive because I’m just trying to consume art supplies but I basically just use them to add more shadows and try to push the
contrast next up I’m using this UniPosca emerald green paint pen and first
I just started in like the top corner I’m like I’ll just draw a couple of
leaves but then I fell in love with this color because
it is the bluest green I’ve used yet and I realized I could use this to fix a
mistake that have been bugging me from the beginning and that is that her hat
is really really dark and it kind of blends in with that really dark shadow
so if I paint over the Hat with this blue green creates contrast with the hue
and makes it show up without it being too bright I’m really happy with that
like it’s still green it looks blue compared to all these other greens but
obviously the marker is very green if it was used on its own next I’m using this
Ohuhu acrylic paint pen this is just like a Posca pen but it’s Ohuhu I don’t
think they even sell them anymore I’m kind of bummed I like them I used this
to deepen up the vegetation in the bottom left because you can use this to
paint over some of the really dark shadows because it is opaque and then
finally the last art supply we have the Americana acrylic paint in the color
blue grass green and what I use this for is to add some hue shifts and also to
kind of fix her shirt because I’ve had that shadow over her shirt but what I
don’t like about it is just the way it’s hitting her because if a shadow was
hitting you you know it goes around your curves whereas this one it’s just like
it’s still the same shape as if it wasn’t hitting her so I used this to
block that out and kind of remove the shadow but I mixed it with water so it
was a little bit opaque so you can still kinda see the shadow it like shows
through just a little bit so there’s still a shadow there but it’s not as
annoying then I just went back and used some of the other art supplies just
finished up little bits and bobs made sure it looked the way I wanted and then
this is what it looked like ah!! okay I’m really happy with this I love the
shadows it makes me want to like try this again but obviously plan out the
shadows before I just start painting them in but it was also kind of fun and
spontaneous so I enjoyed myself thanks for watching the video and observing me
using every single great art supply that I own if you do something similar feel
free to tag me I’d love to see what you come up with yeah thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening
full of waffles BYE! pick a color! green? G-R-E-E-N [giggle] ♪

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