GOLD Copic Colors Challenge?! October 2019 Colors of the Month

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
It’s time for another Colors of the Month challenge, formerly Copic Colors, and this
time we are doing October’s colours. What are they? What am I going to draw? I don’t
know yet! Let’s find out! Marker Universe actually decided to do something
they’ve never done before with this challenge this month, and they’ve asked us to incorporate
a metallic gold. Because of this, there is no Copic colour suggestion for the third colour,
nor is there a suggestion for it for a couple other brands. The official colours are a mild
pumpkin orange, a salmon-ish pink, and gold. Once again, not reading those HEX colour codes
out here in the voice over, but I will include them down in the description. We are encouraged
to use those for digital art or reference to colour match with other brands and supplies,
but as per usual, Marker Universe has suggested colours from all of the brands they carry
plus Copic as the “official” colours. I’m not sponsored by Marker Universe, by the way,
I just love doing this challenge. For the PINK, the official branded colour
options are Karin Brushmarker Pro Pale Pink, Krink Light Pink, Graph’It Brushmarker 4145
Organza, Graph’O Marker 5120 Princess Rose, Sakura Koi Pale Orange (yes I read that right),
Winsor & Newton R519 Pale Pink, Tombow Dual Brush 772 Blush, and Copic R20 Blush.
For the ORANGE, the official branded colour options are Karin Brushmarker Pro Amber, Krink
Orange, Graph’It Brushmarker 2150 Mango, Graph’O Marker 2110 Apricot, Sakura Koi Orange, Winsor
& Newton Brushmarker O567 Amber, Winsor & Newton Promarker Pumpkin, Tombow Dual Brush 933 Orange,
and Copic YR15 Pumpkin Yellow. For the GOLD, the official branded colour
options are Karin Decobrush Gold, Krink Gold, Graph’It Shake Gold, Sakura Gellyroll Stardust
Golden Star, Sakura Pentouch Gold, Sakura PermaPaque Gold, and Winsor & Newton Promarker
Metallics Gold. What did I use? Well, I actually own Pale
Pink in a Winsor & Newton Brushmarker, but since I’ll only be using two alcohol markers
and I have the actual Copic for the orange, I didn’t want to pair it with a Winsor & Newton
marker. If you don’t know why, go check out my alcohol marker review. I demonstrated there
the weird things Winsor & Newton ink does with a lot of other brands, but Copic and
Spectra AD in particular. So I swatched all the other paler pinks I own, and the next
best thing was R2 Blush from the updated SketchBox Signature brushmarker line. As I just mentioned,
I do own YR15 Pumpkin Yellow in a Copic marker for the orange, but the Tangerine Orange from
SketchBox Signature is also very similar, as is one of the shades in the initial 48
set of the Ohuhu brushmarkers. For the gold, I’m using Copic Y21 Buttercup
just as a base so we don’t have white poking through, but at the very end I’ll be painting
over it with the Yellow Gold gansai tambi paint by Kuretake. I swatched a few different
options for the gold, including my Pilot Pintor acrylic paint marker, a Gana paint marker,
my Le Grip cheap dollar store gold gel pen, and my gold Winsor & Newton drawing ink. Both
of the paint markers dried a lot more matte than I would like for a gold. My Pintor marker
is a medium nib option, and the Gana marker’s nib is about the same size, so I wasn’t sure
about getting into tight corners. The Pintor marker immediately started eating up my test
paper, and the Gana left a bit of an oily halo. So those were out. The Le Grip gel pen
is a solid choice and just as good as the Sakura gel pens they suggested. The Winsor
& Newton drawing ink is beautiful, BUT it’s just gold flecks in a transparent ink solution,
so it would show a lot more of the base yellow through. So I went with the gansai tambi.
I actually have 6 different golds from Kuretake I could have chosen, but I gravitate toward
the Yellow and Blue golds from their Starry Colours palette.
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So as you can see, I’ve decided to do a flamingo in a gold circle. It’s a pretty classic design
I think, but I’ve never done it before myself. It’s giving me warm climate souvenir shop
t-shirt vibes! What do you think? The pink fineliner I started out with is the Chameleon
colour changing fineliner, by the way, in PK5. I ended up making all the lines black
after with a combination of Staedtler Pigment Liners and the brush pen from my Marabu Graphix
fineliners. The Staedtler just didn’t want to deal with the dried paint, so I switched
to the brush pen, but that didn’t want to draw on top of the paint either. Lesson learned!
But that’s okay. I like the way it turned out anyway. I think that’s all I’ve got to
say today. Thank you so much for stopping by and watching! If you made it this far,
say “Flamingo!” in the comments. You rock! See you on Thursday.


  • Jenna Gets Creative

    Sorry for the odd positioning on screen! I left the colour lists up the whole time because I didn't realize when I filmed this that it wasn't well positioned under the camera. I plugged the charging cable in from the other side and I guess I shifted the clamp to the left ?

  • Weblight Dreams

    Flamingo. 🙂 Awesome piece and yes I also think it looks great as a T-shirt vacation vibe design. Kind of like it better without the black outline.

  • The Little Artist

    So pretty and cute?


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