GOLDEN Acrylic Color Lines Overview

Today we’re going to cover one of the more
fundamental topics related to acrylic paints: different color
formulations, what makes them different and how each of
them might be useful to you. They’re all compatible with each other, and can be used interchangeable with a few
exceptions. The product most people are familiar with, and that will be found in just about any art
supply stores, is Heavy Body acrylics. The term “Heavy Body” refers to the viscosity
of the paint from the tube or jar. Heavy Body acrylics were the first product
offered by Golden back in 1980. It is a highly pigmented, professional paint that provides great texture for impasto painting
and it dries quickly to an exceptionally durable and flexible surface that is permanent and archival in quality. Fluid Acrylics are the second most popular
formulation of Golden acrylics. The name says it all. These are fluid in formulation and unlike
Heavy Body paints, they’re pourable and can drip and drizzle, so they’re sold in cylinders with a small
opening in the cap. The most common misconception is that Fluids
are merely watered-down Heavy Body color. This is NOT the case at all. Fluid acrylics contain no more water than
Heavy Body Acrylics, they have the same pigment load, and are just
as opaque as Heavy Body colors. The advantage of Fluid acrylics is in their use for fine detail. They are more easily thinned for use in spraying devices, they’re often
easier to mix with gels and pastes, and you can pour, drip
and drizzle them while maintaining intense color. OPEN acrylics offer something very different from Heavy Body and Fluid acrylics. OPEN acrylics are slow-drying paint. This allows artists to blend and manipulate the paint on their palette or canvas. The viscosity of OPEN acrylics is looser than
Heavy Body acrylics, but more solid than Fluids. OPEN allows you to blend colors and do things generally associated with oils. The advantage is a more relaxed painting experience, with less wasted paint because you can cover
your palette and use the same paint for months. Best of all, OPEN acrylics clean up with soap
and water. No solvents are needed, and there are no harsh
odors. OPEN colors are completely compatible with Heavy Body and Fluid acrylics. You can inter-mix them to speed up or slow down drying time. However, thick applications can take an extremely
long time to dry. For under-painting and impasto work, we recommend the regular Fluid and Heavy Body acrylics. Our new High Flow Acrylics come in 49 colors The viscosity of High Flow is very fluid. Where Fluid acrylics have the consistency
of heavy cream, High Flow acrylics are like water. The pigment load is lower on these paints, as is necessary to make them so thin. However, the colors are still quite brilliant. The formulation includes drying retarder to
prevent clogging and also a flow agent to ensure that they
flow smoothly and adhere easily onto surfaces. If you put a drop of on the
wet surface of a regular paint or medium, it will bloom
and creep. This is because of the flow agent, and it creates a really cool and interesting
effect. Because of their ultra-thin consistency, they can go straight into an airbrush from
the bottle, or they can be used for technical pens, fillable markers and fine brush work. While you can use them like inks, they are
pigment based like the other acrylic colors Golden offers,
and they offer superior lightfastness and archival quality
to dyes. As always, the Golden Technical Support Teams is available to answer any questions you have. Thanks for watching.


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