Golden Ratio Crash Course

The Golden Ratio is a brilliant and
remarkable way by which a number of architectural buildings, sculptures,
designs, images etc. can be created. The Golden Ratio is
fundamentally an irrational number, which is
obviously infinite. Since the Golden ratio s infinite,
it has no ends and so the various philosophers and mathematicians round off
this infinite number to three digits and in this way the Golden Ratio,
which is 1.618, was procured. The Golden Ratio has a number of
names which is mentioned in the chapters, which also justify that
why it has a number of names. Some of the names are kept
by a number of different sculpture artists, architects
and mathematicians. The Golden ratio is so much
related to the nature of not only the planet earth
but of the universe too. Everything in this world
and the universe has some relation and relevance
with the Golden ratio. This is another reason
why it became so popular thousands year back and still
it is enormously popular. To understand the Golden Ratio,
it is critically noteworthy to understand the proper
definition of the Golden ratio along with the numerous applications
and theories by different philosophers, mathematicians and artists
such as Leonardo da Vinci, etc. In the chapters, the relationship
of between the Fibonacci series or sequence is also
described and demonstrated. It is also mentioned and described
that how the Golden ratio is related with the structures
and the architectures. The Golden Ratio is applied
on various shapes such as circles, rectangles,
squares, triangles etc. The usage of the Golden Ratio is absolutely
essential in the architecture of buildings. There are a number of architectures
which were built in the past, where the Golden Ratio
was applied and followed. In the chapters, there is a description
about such architectures and sculptures. Apart from this, it is very
essential to understand and possess the knowledge about the
history of the Golden Ratio. Many eminent philosophers,
painters, mathematicians and artisans were involved in the
history of the Golden Ratio. With the help of these great
people in the past, the introduction of the Golden ratio
to the world became possible. The Golden Ratio was used
in some of the great paintings also which were
recognized worldwide. The history of the Golden Ratio
has also carried forward from different countries such as Greece,
Egypt, Italy and America etc. The different philosophers
and mathematicians from these different countries
have bestowed their views on the Golden Ratio
and have demonstrated the use and the effects
of the Golden ratio. This has helped and
encouraged the ordinary people to be aware of the
fact that the Golden is in fact very important
and worthy for the construction purposes and
in various art forms. The use of the Golden Ratio also
depends on the purpose and the purpose can be the construction
of a building or any painting. The Golden ratio is used
to convey a message to the world in the form
of art and images etc. There are a number of applications, which
are used in the Golden Ratio in order to highlight a magnificent and
understandable example to the common people. The Golden Ratio is very important
and it can be seen in nature itself or it can be stated that nature has
bestowed the gift of Golden ratio. The Golden Ratio is present
everywhere in different forms. As discussed earlier, it has a number
of names and these names are associated with a number of jobs which takes place
when required in distinct fields. The applications of the
Golden Ratio consist of many natural things such as leaves
or a human finger etc. which proves the existence of
the Golden ratio in nature and it also helps in the proper
application of the Golden Ratio. The use and the application
of the Golden Ratio can also be seen in a number
of places and fields. The Golden ratio is
used in the field of mathematics as well as
in the field of physics. These are just the educational
fields where the usage of the Golden ratio is
utilized in a proper manner. Apart from these fields, there are also
a number of domains such as designing, photography, where the Golden ratio can be
applied and used in a very convenient way. Golden Ratio is highly used in
the designing purposes and it also has a lot of shapes, which
can be used for the designing. It helps in creating various
designs for a website or a home. It does not matter which technology
is being used, the beauty of the Golden Ratio is that
it is not partial or biased. It can be used in every
area and when it comes to the designing part,
it is very helpful. The Golden Ratio is also used in the
creation of logos or icons which are very important for the
identification of a company or business. As the Golden Ratio has a number
of shapes in its bucket, it becomes easy to create great
designs and architectures from it. The Golden ratio is also used in
the construction of the furniture. This came as a surprise for a lot of people,
but there is hardly some difference between the construction of furniture and
building in terms of the dimensions. In the construction of a building,
there is a need of a proper proportion or dimension whereas
in the construction of furniture, there is also a need of the proper
dimensions, which can help the furniture to take proper shape
in the desired size and ratio. It is also discussed that whether the
Golden Ratio, which has a history of more than 4000 years, has any
chance of existence in today’s world. This is a great but confusing
question in front of the human race, but sincerely, no one can deny the
existence of the Golden ratio, as it is present everywhere and most
interestingly; it is an important aspect and part of nature, which is
a fact which cannot be taken away.

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