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you all are welcome to the very first video of the New Year What’s our resolution to this New Year?? to be a good citizen So today’s video is all related to this and that is Good Citizen Vs Bad Citizen So If you are a good citizen then Get this video to 200,000 LIKES… and if you’re bad…. then hit LIKES just double to it as you need to give penalty for it.. so lets get started with the video now have you gone mad?? am I looking Dustbin to you?? oho…I haven’t thrown it to your house.. just go away thrown all that mess on me I’ve thrown it on the Road and this road is not yours you’ve made this road a dustbin I’ve seen so many like you. Just go away I’ll show you who the hell is here?? don’t have manners who has thrown all this mess in front of my house again.. who dare to do this are they consider my home a dustbin what if someone will fall ill… who is doing this again & again ?? I am not gonna leave him today this is my house not a dustbin did you feel bad for this?? and what about you who throw garbage on the road Our PM has initiated ” Swachh Bharat Mission” to make our country clean and what you’ve done Aunty.. I did all these think you throw garbage on the roads theres so many peoples out there you need to think about others too I got it. Now I’ll never throw the garbage outside I’ll always throw it in a dustbin Aunty.. I help you to clean all this mess no its ok I’ll clean it Aunty I did this.. so I should clean this ok lets clean this together lets make this Red Fort more red Uncle I’ve seen you spitting everywhere you’ve made that white Taj Mahal to Red why you always spitting everywhere?? this is wrong I too have a red ink what if I too throw it on your clothes?? how would you feel then wouldn’t you feel bad.. so plz stop doing all these on the road ok sorry!! promise me that you would become a good citizen also stop consuming this Tobacco. This is injurious to health ok yes.. Sir, he is my brother he want admission in your school he is too good in sports and he scored good marks sir..this is the era of donations yeah Sir come in plz have a seat and you may leave why did you asked from these sports quota fellow for donations they bothered me a lot I know it takes money to get admissions tell how much do you want? till this corruption exist will work well for us admission get done yes.. sir these all are certificates Sir I scored 99% marks and I am a gold medalist I’ve given all the information in this it seems too difficult you know seats are too expensive these days tell me if you’ve any recommendation from ministers or otherwise donations will too work well Sir but I don’t have that much money but I wish to get admission in a good School tell me if you’ve money otherwise… Sir Neither I’ll pay donation nor I’ve any recommendation I’ve record all your conversation Bribery is going to increase day by day all have got corrupt so what will happen to the kids like us Sir what if this would get happened with your kid Sir Education is the right of every child Sir I’ll delete this but promise me that you wouldn’t take bribe from any child or parents Ok now I’ll never take bribe and you’ll get admission in this school oho.. too hot weather not even a single tree over here to sit under it feeling thirsty too I wish there were trees around here Ananta, what you want as your Birthday gift?? No Mumma I don’t need these & I’ve taken a resolution this new year the gardener come who have small plants I’ll be giving two plants to my friend likewise they become 100, 200 & so on.. thereby trees would remain increasing which is going to help in reducing pollution from our earth and our earth would get green & clean Wow.. good resolution getting inspired from you I too will plant trees yes Mumma.. would you too plant trees? hey.. what’s going on ? enjoy that fight don’t you feel shame?? you are just enjoying that fight shouldn’t you make a Police Complaint?? or you don’t even try to stop them. don’t you’ve that guts… If you’ve you can go to stop them stop fighting He pushed me & he misbehaved with me why don’t you decide it mutually, so many space over there you can to park your vehicle there why are you fighting for the exact same place what’s going on.. sometime you make violence or riots or defecate in open fields what you consider to our country now make friendship with each other We didn’t stand up for National Anthem feel so awkward to stand on the way like that done a lot in our school and now we are grown up lets go so have you enjoyed this video?? do comment me which sequence you loved the most mine was that National Anthem for behind the scenes follow me on Instagram also follow me on tik tok for funny videos also Subscribe to Mymissanand also press that bell icon to get the notification of her new uploads so will see you in my next video

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