Hi Friends…. I am Pihu and I am Aayu We make videos on cooking, playing fun activities and good habits But if you want to watch all our videos ? Then there is a small I icon on top corner You can watch all our videos by clicking on I icon WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW !!! My summer vacations are about to end and school is going to start Your schools are also reopening soon ? OK, I will tell you a few important points, which we all should check before school reopens. Don’t you want to prepare? First but the most important point. Have you prepared your bag ? Now, what should we keep in that? Books, Copies, Compass, Stationary Then, we have to prepare the uniform and shoes Oh, rainy season is about to start, don’t forget your rain coat. Get one cool, lunch box and water bottle too. First day after vacations..what will your teacher ask for? Finish your home work fast, if not finished till now. I have labeled all my books and copies. But, if kids are very small like AAYU (my brother). Then we should put label on their water bottles and lunch box, so they dont miss them. Clean your study table / area, I know in vacations it would have become messy. Paste your new calander and time table on it. Because they will be used throughout the year. And yes, keep atleast 2 copies of time table, so that you have a spare copy, in case you misplace the first. Next point is for parents…but we kids should also take a note of this. We should memorize/note contact number and vehicle number of our school bus/van. Route and timings should also be noted in advance, so that you don’t reach school late on the first day. I used to wake up late during summer vacations. But, now we have to get up early morning for school. We should start getting up early atleast 1 week in advance. This is called, resetting our daily routine. Do not worry, if you are getting admission in a new school. How you will gel with new friends & teachers. You had very good friends in your old school, right. You will make new friends in new school. Don’t worry !!! Make a list of your favorite tiffin ideas and give to your mom so that you get delicious food for lunch. After loooooooong vacations, coming back to school and following the daily routine is not so simple Just dont worry, you had a good time last year, this year will be even better. Participate in new activities, games & shows and study hard I am very excited for the new session. Are you excited too? Lets do one thing… Why don’t you share the experience of first day, with me in comments section. We make 3 type of videos for you. FUN ACTIVITIES – BASIC COOKING & GOOD HABITS. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel Till then keep doing fun activities, cook delicious food, follow good habits and keep watching and keep watching AAYU AND PIHU SHOW – BYE!!!

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