Google Presents: Dove Real Beauty Sketches Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Man 1: Dove has this mission of turning beauty
into a source of confidence and not anxiety for a long time.
The brand has always been about real women. What was really like a tipping point was around
2004. We’ve campaigned for real beauty, and the latest part of this campaign is real beauty
sketches. Only 4% of the women on the planet think that they are beautiful. And it was
really just an idea, to bring in an FBI trained sketch artist and show the contrast between
how women see themselves and how others see. Woman: She looks closed off and fatter. Sadder
too. The second one looks more open, friendly and happy. Man 2: Hearing people describe themselves,
maybe there’s something about a feature that they don’t really like about themselves. And,
I can sense that they are kinda treading lightly on that. Man 1: We brought the best brains that we
could reach, from Google, from YouTube, specifically to have a conversation about how to find out
what would be the best ways for more people to engage with the content. Conversations
on YouTube, to keep feeding the interests on the video. There are a lot of people who
come to me to say how many different times they have watched the video already, and we
are getting so much traction on YouTube. Those are some incredibly large numbers. The intent
was to create brand love, and translate that brand love in longer term relationship between
the audience and the brand. We need to take risks and try to create even more content
that will be meaningful to people.

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  • billythefishbunter

    wow – what an incredible case study and what a brilliant piece of marketing, well done Dove!


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