Goose-PrismaColor pencils and Arteza color pencils

welcome back to CandysArtWorld I’m
Candy and today I’m going to be doing a goose I’m using prismacolor colored
pencils and artesia color pencils I also use odorless mineral spirits
excuse me odorless mineral spirits to blend it out with color pencil you have
to work in light layers lots and lots of light layers and you have to wait until
after your odorless mineral spirits try to do the next layer but I had found
this picture of a goose and it looked like it was saying oh me oh me and or oh
my ribbon is will face with her little wings so I was like okay let’s let’s see
if I can do this one main tip if you’re doing an animal try to make sure that
your pencil strokes go in the direction of the feathers or the floor or the fur
whichever but I started with the background that
way that way it would be done so I knew how dark to make the goose feathers and
stuff the more color pencil you put down
between layers of the outer listeners mineral spirits the more vivid the color
is going to be when you use the odorless mineral spirits and my used mixes of blues and light
purples for the watery background or could be the sky in the background I used many many different shades on the
feathers for the goose I was working on the highlights and
shadows of this of her face and neck to try to give her some dimension don’t be afraid to turn your work if you
need to get a better angle so your strokes are going the right direction you’ll just help me be able to achieve
your your goal a little bit easier I hope you enjoyed watching please like
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