Graco FinishPro HVLP Turbine Sprayer Reviews

– All right today we’re gonna cover the Graco FinishPro HVLP turbine sprayers. These sprayers are available in a few different configurations as well as options. So you have the seven, and the nine, and the 9.5, as well as
the 9.5 ProComp models. As you increase the number on the unit, so the seven to the nine, you get additional stages
for your compressor, for your turbine sprayer. That gives you more air volume, a little bit better work capability for longer times, ability to break up heavier paints. The unit we have is the 7.0. There’s also two versions of each kind, so you’ll have the ProContractor and the Standard Series. One of the main
differences between the Pro and the Standard Series, the ProContractor Series will have the SmartStart technology as you’ll see, as I’m spraying my turbine actually
automatically turns off. So if you’re doing a lot of work and you’re stopping in
and out of your work time, that’ll keep your turbine from overheating and allow you to spray longer. Additionally, as you get up
into the higher model numbers, the 9.0 and higher. You get a couple of tip sets with the unit allowing you to spray a
different number of materials. The ProComp series is a specific type of the FinishPro line. It actually has an integrated
small compressor built in and that comes with a two
quart pressurized cup. So you can look on our videos of how using a pressure cup gives you a little more control, a little bit ability to
spray thicker materials, and can be preferred by some painters depending on what you’re doing. One common question is if you can make a Standard 9 Series FinishPro or 9.5 upgraded to the ProComp by buying the compressor
at a separate time. That isn’t possible as far
as buying that compressor and integrating it with the seven or nine. But if you want to, you can
potentially get creative with a small pancake style compressor, no guarantees of how that will work, but it is a question we get asked, so just for clarification,
the ProComps Series is the only one that comes
with the integrated compressor. The gun itself, pretty unique, it does have a suction design, this cup is a collapsing
cup that pulls material to the nozzle which
ensures consistent flow. The material I’ll be using
is about a latex consistency, so you’ll see how that’ll spray,
in general turbine sprayers will spray a mid to
light viscosity material, so wood finishes, light
enamels, latex’s that aren’t excessively thick and
you can get a little bit thicker material spray
occasionally if you’re willing to thin it slightly. Controls on this already
enable the width of the spray pattern on top here. You have the opening of
the fan pattern there and then your fluid needle opening here. I’m gonna be spraying
with my needle open fully and my air pattern open fully. And show you how we can adjust in and out. On the unit itself you
actually are able to adjust how much the turbine is
supplying air, this can help you from overworking your turbine. But also deliver performance
when you’re dealing with thicker material. The ProContractor Series you do get a digital display showing that. And then I’ll show you
how this sprays here with this medium viscosity material. (paint spraying) So you can see, as I wait the turbine will turn off momentarily since I’m done spraying. So you hear it turn off, that’s a feature, as you bump up to the
ProContractor Series. And that helps you from
overheating the unit or overworking it, allows
the turbine to last longer. You see here the pattern’s pretty good, it’s seven or eight inches. Pretty good atomization,
you can adjust the pattern right on the aircap. So, down to a pretty very small pattern and then as I open up, I can continue to widen it. (compressor whining) Cleanup is easy, it’s a quick. Cleaning up the unit’s
very easy, it’s simply just taking off the cup and there’s a disposable liner. And you’re good to go
as far as changing out between materials which
is very fast and simple. You could just put your
new cleaner in there and clean out through the nozzle, or put your new material in the cup. Or put your new material in
the cup after cleaning it and you’re good to go
on your next material. It is designed with a
quick fluid nozzle change feature which is convenient. You can change pattern
direction very easily as well. If you wanna change the
fluid nozzle, you can simply just push this forward and
then this will come right out. It’s a front, you can change
out the needle and nozzle from the front of the unit,
which makes it convenient. So that’s the FinishPro Turbine Series. If you have questions on the unit, you can leave them in the comments below and we’ll help address them. And thanks for watching.

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