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(pleasant guitar music) ♫ Hey ♫ Hey – Hi guys! I’m Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles, and I have Kamri here with me today. – Hi guys! Now don’t forget you can check
out Kamri on her channel, KamriNoel, by clicking this
little “i” button right up here if you wanna see more of
her and her awesome videos. But today, she’s gonna
help me show you guys what we’re calling the Reverse Braid Hack. Now, this is a hair hack, genuinely. And yes you can do it on yourself. I actually learned how to do it by doing it on myself, but I am demonstrating it today on Kamri, just for the camera angles,
works a little better. But, it’s a tricky braid
because if you have a hard time braiding your own hair in the back, today is how you’re going to learn how to braid it in the front,
where it’s a little easier but still create this
amazing braid in the back. So, let’s get to it. Okay to begin this hairstyle,
(upbeat guitar music) I have parted her hair down the middle, and I’ve swept it onto
either side of her shoulders, and this is one of my little tricks, you take the front parts of their hair and just tuck it behind their ears. And you can see I’ve left some down in front of her ears still, but the majority of it is
going back behind her ears. Now, we’re gonna take these little pieces that we have right here in front, and we’re gonna pull em down by her chin, and divide it into three
sections, three even pieces. And these are gonna be our
starting base for a Dutch braid. So we’re gonna go ahead
and cross them over, like we’re starting our
Dutch braid pattern. This is trick number two. Don’t do it so tight against their chin that you can’t slide it
up over their chin later. But make sure you have a
couple fingertips space in right there. Now, you just do a Dutch braid. So I’m gonna come over here,
pick up a piece of hair, and add it into this side, and braid it, and then I’m
gonna pick up a piece over here, and braid it. And you’re gonna continue
this pattern all the way down. When you get down to the end,
(pleasant guitar music) just finish it up with the regular three strand braid. Secure it with an elastic. Like this, and it’s gonna kinda look goofy, cus right now it just looks like she’s a, belongs in Snow White
and the Seven Dwarves with a beard or something crazy. But here is where the hack comes in. So I’m going to take this and just gently lift it over her chin like this. Up and over her nose, over her face, so we’re literally just reversing
the braid across her head. And I will show you what it looks like when
we flips it backwards. We have this really fun mermaid braid. It almost looks like a cross
between a mermaid braid and the skeleton braid. But, that is exactly how you
can get a really fun hairdo, by braiding it on yourself in the front, if you have a hard time
braiding it in the back. Okay, let’s show you guys
(bright guitar music) the final spin. There you go, so easy! Looks way harder than it really is because you have the hair hack. If you guys want to see
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next Sunday, bye guys. – Bye!


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