Hairstyling Tips & Techniques : How to Brush Your Hair

Hi my name is Lauren and today I am here to
discuss how to brush your hair. Brushing your hair has a few different advantages. Number
one it can help you to create the style that you would like and the style that you are
looking to achieve. It also increases the blood circulation to your brain which nourishes
your papilla. Once the blood circulation actually increases towards your brain and towards your
scalp your nutrients, your papilla which is where the base of your hair follicle is going
to grab nutrients out of your bloodstream and help nourish your hair so it is a very
good thing to be in the habit of brushing your hair on a regular basis. The easiest
way to brush your hair especially if your hair is rather knotted is to start at the
bottom of the end of the shaft and work your way up. If you use a Boar’s Head bristle then
it will also help promote smoothness in your hair and it will help maintain frizz. Plastic
bristles will also help get all of those knots out because it has a bit of a better grab
to it. So again you are going to start at the end of your hair shaft and you are going
to work your way up towards your root. Once you get towards your root you can then do
a few really good brush strokes in order to increase that circulation and have more blood
flow go up to your scalp and that is how to brush your hair.

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