Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit

need something spooky to spice up your
Halloween decor Stampin’ Up! is here to help you spook the
halls check out our adorable new build a banner simply created kit and the Halloween banner simply created
accessory kit you can design your own using the
accessory kit and lots of fun additional supplies like we did in the
holiday catalog or you can make it with with just the accessories found in the kit and some ink like we did here so to get
started you’re going to need to purchase the simply created build a banner kit this comes with nine feet of jute twine your pattern stencils a Stampin’ spritzer a full set of alphabet stencils and you get 18 pennants you get 6 each of three different designs now if
you find that you need additional pennants for the project you have in mind be sure to check out our Refill Kit you
get an additional 18 pennants an additional nine feet of jute twine the Halloween banner simply created
accessory kit comes with some really fun exclusive
Stampin’ Up! accessories that will give you everything you need to
create the banner I’m showing you today so you get these fun little glittery
accent pieces you get four pre-scored designer rosettes you get some really cute ribbon
including exclusive pumpkin pie seam binding these these fun accessories to go with
the rosettes or however you choose to use them and
then my personal favorite part are these super cute little buttons you get the black vintage faceted buttons and then the
summer starfruit buttons both of which are exclusive to this kit so to get
started I wanna give you a couple of tips that will help you be successful my first set of advice is that before
you even begin any of your sponge daubing or spritzing of your patterns lay out your banner
decide how you want it to look and I mentioned that the kit comes with the
stampin’ sprizter but today we’re going to be using a
sponge dauber it gives you a little bit different look and you can experiment with both and
decide which you like best I put just a little bit of snail on the
back of my stencil but you could do um spray
adhesive instead both of them work and I’m just going to place this level
with the bottom of my pennant it and what this is
doing is this is giving me a lot of room to work with so that I have lots of chevron design
I’m gonna make this little s pendant for you today so I’m just
gonna bring in my pumpkin pie ink and I’ve just put a little bit reinker
in the in the lid you can just work directly from the
pad if you want either way and I’m just gonna pick up a little bit ink
using my sponge dauber and then I found it easiest if you just
rub that ink right on and this goes a really quick
and it’s really easy to do you I’m just going to show you one more quick row and you can just kind of play with the saturation if you want this to be lighter
don’t use quite as much ink if you want it to be darker use
more ink I’ve got that I have already finished let me show you what that looks like and as
you can see you’ve got this spot here where the mask
was and that’s fine because our rosette is gonna cover that up but you can see this came together
really super quick and then we can do our letter I put a
little snail again on the back at this to keep my stencil in place then I’m going to bring in my
basic gray ink pad and pick up just a little bit of ink I want that to be a little bit lighter so I’m not going to push as hard but I’m just gonna start working
the ink in over the top of the pattern to give me my s and again you see how quickly that
goes together there you go I’ve got my very first pennant this pennant is not complete yet because
we have to accessorize it so let me show you how to make the rosettes okay like I mentioned that your kit comes with four designer rosettes and that you get two of each color they’re kinda long in strips like this and what you’re going to do is
you can accordion fold them together like that until you get them all the way around then you’re
going to stick the two ends together and you get kind this kind of fun floppy little guy I’m going to use my silicone rubber mat and I’m going to put a dollop of hot glue
press that rosette down very carefully don’t burn yourself stick
that right in the glue you’re gonna wanna let the glue dry like
we have but then you have this fun little accent piece that you can use
accessorize your banner and see it completely covers up the
masked part now you can enjoy putting the rest of your
accent pieces from your fun little accessory kit on there and then string the banner with the jute
twine now you can follow our simple instructions to make the banner exactly as you see it here or if you
want you can go crazy and make it exactly as you want and design however
you want I hope that you have as much fun as we
have put in your fun little spooky banner together and happy Halloween


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