Harbor Freight Spray Guns Are Too Cheap For A Porsche? Nope.

hey guys I’m back I hope you enjoyed the
last video of Luftgekuhlt. Luft six was was an amazing day I was kind of pressed
for time I didn’t get to do any kind of in-depth car review or even for my own
benefit I wasn’t able to really check out cars that were really super
interesting this week I am going to give you a status update on the car and also
share with you the spray guns that I’ve used up to now that’s for the primer and
the 2k primer plus I bought a new spray gun so I’m gonna share that with you and
also do a quick demo on that one and see if I like it that’s what I bought for
the base coat so I’m hoping that it’s gonna be much better these guns are
super cheap and I’m gonna share with you what they are right now you probably
recognize this color this purple color screams Harbor Freight these are both
Harbor Freight guns and they are not that great they they’ve worked for me
and I’m gonna share with you the settings that I’ve used and some of the
limitations of these guns I have one for the epoxy primer this one is for the 2k
primer this one has been modified because it requires a larger tip now
both of these guns were purchased within a year and I think this was like $9.99
and this was like $14.99 so they they’re super cheap it’s pretty much disposable
but you know they do work and the goal of these is just to get the product out
of the can and onto the car so the the the epoxy primer is really there for
corrosion protection and you just want to build up some mill thickness and the
surface finish doesn’t really matter that much because you’re going to be
putting filler over the top of it anyways I I did buy a new gun for the
base coat and it’s an import gun but it’s a much higher quality so I’m gonna
share some thoughts on that one too but let me show you what it’s like to set it
up okay I’m letting my epoxy primer activate so you know as you can see it
needs a little bit of time to get the two parts mixed together it’s one part
activator one part epoxy primer and let me show you the parts of the
so this is the cheap cheap gun it came with a tip which is it says 1.4 it’s a
1.4 tip the other one actually came with 1.5 I don’t know why it’s different
this is a cheap desiccant filter and then this regulator is right here at the
gun and the different controls are this one here controls the air pressure but
because I’m using this regulator we just leave this wide-open this was always
wide open and then back here this knob controls the fluid amount so it controls
how far this needle is withdrawn from the tip so the further it’s withdrawn
the more fluid that can come out because the tip is tapered here’s what the tip
looks like the tip has a taper to it so as it’s just like a carburetor as it
pulls out more you get more fluid flow and then this knob right here is for the
fan control and it doesn’t have a good feeling you can feel when it’s closed
but you can’t really feel when it’s open it’s kind of a strange thing but I do
know that about seven o’clock is wide open so I usually use this one wide open
and the air pressure is 30 psi and that’s kind of what’s recommended by the
manufacturer of the epoxy and I sometimes go to 32 only because this gun
does a horrible job of atomizing the paint so to make it a demise a little
bit better I go to 32 34 let me hook it up to the air hose okay there’s no paint
in here yet so I can you know know how my mask on but you can see here the
regulator depending on if the trigger is pulled or not pulled you get a totally
different reading so the setting for 30 or 34 psi is with the trigger pulled so
you can see the needle is moving probably it moves about 10-12 pounds
with the trigger pulled so the correct setting is with the trigger pulled
because that’s the pressure it’s gonna be using as the paint is flowing there’s
obviously some pressure drops in the gun so that’s why the regulator is done here
at the gun because there would be a lot of pressure loss in the hose this is not
a really big hose so I have up to the end of this nozzle is probably
like 90 psi and then that’s just so this doesn’t explode and then the real
pressure regulation is done at the regulator so it goes from 90 to about 34
right here and that’s set with the trigger pulled important to know I’ve
also marked the knob right here this this has a little indicator at 12
o’clock so when this is fully closed this is the fluid control when this is
fully closed it’s pretty much pointing right here at the top 12 o’clock so to
get started I back it off one and a half turns that’s just to get started I’ll
show you what it looks like when I spray it out I have my mask on now you can see
I don’t have the spray gun holder so I just suspend it from a string should definitely use a paint strainer
because you don’t want to clog up this cheap gun okay the fluid flow is sent
all the way to open all the way open and one and a half turns on this and we have
32 pounds so let me show you what it looks like so this is about I don’t know
four inches that’s the best it can do even with a fan wide open it only does
four inches so you know that’s just what it is yeah it it that’s it it’s not a
professional gun that’s another plastic could do now if I increase the fluid
flow let me show you what happens so that’s one full turn out two and a half
turns when I do that the Animas ation is worse it just goes crazy it’s like the
paint comes out in like droplets it doesn’t come out in a smooth fashion it
just kind of goes everywhere so I like to go between one and a half and two
turns if I open it all the way out it just doesn’t a demise the paint very
well so I like to go slow I mean I’m not a professional so I like to do about one
and a half turns that’s a little too slow so then I can go about that much this is the one where it was all the way
open and I don’t know if you can see but it’s like it’s like droplets on the
edges there and then this is with it one and a half turns this is wide open one
and a half turns this is one and a half turns this is with it two and a half
turns and it’s starting to run so it’s it’s too fast for me I don’t like that
one and this was also 2 and a half but I didn’t pull it as long so every paints a
little different but I’m gonna put a little bit on the car and then I’m gonna
switch guns here’s one little spot here that I’ll over standed when I was doing
the spot filler so now I’m just gonna put a quick bit of primer on here and
then that’s it okay now I’m gonna try the new gun this
is the warwick 904 h ii and this is a professional gun it will shoot the epoxy
primer it’s the same size tip 1.4 as the Harbor Freight gun and i’ve never tried
it before it is really kind of the same function fluid control is in the back
this is the fan control a slightly different position than the harbor
Freight one its externally regulated this is going to be set for i’m going to
start with 30 psi on this one this has paint in it already and I’m just gonna
do a similar test spray and show you what’s different about it and get used
to it and then I’ll spray a little bit on the car and I’ll show you the before
and after one and a half trillion two times good hop but the one turned out on this this is a
fan control that’s pretty good right there so that’s uh one turn here two turns
here and that’s about what I’m used to I couldn’t go bigger but I don’t want to
put you with paint on okay that was just a quick test does the first time I used
that new spray gun and you know you get what you pay for I mean it not only does
it give a bigger pattern but it’s way more adjustable it’s atomizes the paint
much better I can show you on the car in a minute but it’s it’s basically just
easier to use it just it just works better yes they both put paint on the
car but the the warwick gun just you can you can move quicker you can have a
bigger fan area so you don’t have to overlap as much and it just spreads the
stuff out you know more uniformly and there’s the droplet size is smaller it’s
hard to show on camera but I can try to show you on the car now because I
painted on top of filler it’s not a really good indication of the finish
because this filler tends to kind of soak in the epoxy primer kind of soaks
into the filler it’s it’s a porous surface so it doesn’t really show as as
well as some other surfaces there are a couple areas that do have epoxy primer
so I can try to show you you know some of the finish quality but it’s not a
true test all I can say is that the warwick gun is hands-down you know above
and beyond what the harbor freight guns are so my recommendation is you know if
I was to do this again I would have bought the warwick gun sooner and then
paid a little bit more like maybe a $60 gun for the 2k primer now i still
haven’t even shot a 2k primer i’m gonna see how the Harbor Freight gun does but
for someone like me you know if it’s if it’s a smaller fan and i just have to go
a little slower this it’s not the end of the world for me if I’m a professional
and I’m getting paid by the hour then absolutely you know the best tool is
gonna save you money and time let me show you on the car and then I’ll show
you what I do to clean the guns okay guys this is the section right here I
did a little bit of epoxy primer on here this is what the
Harbor Freight gun and then a little bit right here and I don’t know if you can
see this if you look really carefully right where my thumb is you can start to
see just a little bit of orange peel you know and that’s typical of the Harbor
Freight gun it’s very blotchy because of the way
that the the epoxy soaks into the different fillers okay right here I did
a little bit with the the Warwick gun and I don’t know if you can see but it
did lay it’s a little smoother there’s definitely no orange peel it’s just
easier to use gun there are some sanding scratches in here this really wasn’t
ready for epoxy primer but I just shot it here anyways just just as just as I
could kind of get an idea how its how it’s shaping up I’m a big fan of it so
far the real test will be on the base coat though okay here are the guns taken
apart to clean them I just use paint thinner from the hardware store and
doesn’t take too long to kind of take the needle out I’ll take the fluid tip
off both the outer one and the inner one and just run this kind of pipe cleaner
thing with paint thinner through here through here get all the threads clean
and wipe down the needle did that for both guns it’s you know probably takes
ten minutes and normally there’s only one gun to do but because I did this
comparison that took a little longer but the the components are roughly the same
it’s just you know everything on this gun is higher quality even though it’s
made in Taiwan okay this is the gun that was modified
and I don’t know if he can tell there but this one came with a 1.5 tip and oh
I did is I as I removed the steel portion let me take the cap off okay
this is the portion right here which controls the fluid flow so this was I
removed it from the gun and I just drilled it out with a two millimeter
drill bit and then I cleaned up the inside of it using the actual needle and
so I just used some valve lapping compound and just burnished them two
together and polished it up again it doesn’t leak you know if there’s even
paint thinner in here I can hold it underneath or it’s it works fine so I’m
gonna do some test patterns right now with the 2k primer and make sure it’s
gonna work for the car okay – caper number and that’s with one and a half turns and 35 psi with two and a half turns it’s a little better let me go three turns that’s pretty good you know three and a half the fan is little bit another way I
think that’s about right it’s not a very big fan but the Animas ation looks okay
so I think I’m gonna go with Lutra a little bit on the car and go three turns
open let me just double check it okay that’s probably the best thing I
can do okay this is just the first coat of the
2k primer and you know it’s drying pretty quick so I didn’t let it flash
drive takes about five minutes or more and then I’ll do a second coat okay guys
here’s the right side of the car in the 2k primer and it turned out pretty good
I can’t complain I think that it laid down really nice not much glass like the
epoxy primer has a lot of gloss this does not alright guys that went pretty well I got
the 2k primer on and I finished one and a half coats now the first coat went
really well the paint was heavy but it was freshly mixed the second coat was
probably waited too long I was about the 30 minute mark of pot life is around 30
to 45 minutes so the second coat went on even slower than the first so that’s
where I think that the better quality spray gun for instance like the Warwick
would excel in this application because you only have about 30 minutes to work
and I wanted to make sure that the first coat was completely flashed off before I
applied the second coat so being the first time I learned a lot the Harbor
Freight gun you know once again it does have limitations I suggest that you do
your own research before you you know do what I’m doing I’m just sharing kind of
my experiences and good and bad it does work but I’m gonna look into maybe
getting the 2.0 or 2.2 tip from Warwick and try to shoot the primer maybe
through the Warwick gun so the status of the car right now is I have the roof
blocked out with filler it’s ready for the next coat of epoxy primer and then
2k the hood is also done the deck lid is done I need to fill up some scratches
because I put a little primer on a little too early there just to test out
the warwick gun but and then the the driver’s side is is the filling is
mostly done i just need to go through and fill up some some scratches with the
220 blocks and adjust a little bit more so i think next week i’ll have the car
in its entirety in the 2k primer so i’m gonna be pushing it out into the sun and
additional time is always helpful it says it dries pretty soon but i’ve
watched a video by mike m he has a porsche channel too he’s using PPG
products and he actually noticed how things are moving over time he wanted to
wait about a month before he felt comfortable with the material drying
completely and I think he’s right I I agree
with his method the longer you wait the before you sand it the better and his
his car is super nice so I’m gonna be doing that obviously there’s a lot of
work to do I got work on the roll cage I got to work on the floor pans I got to
work on the seats I got you know plenty to do while the outside is curing so
that’s that’s the status update guys thanks for watching this video don’t
forget to check us out on Instagram check out the patreon page links in the
description below for all the equipment I use today
take care


  • Dave Boyer

    Sitting here in my hotel room in Anchorage, couldn’t miss my weekly Garage Time fix! I have a few purple guns, I love them!

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    Excellent! What a great way to start the weekend.

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    I have buddy's who are professional bodymen they tell me the harbor freight gun is ok for primer, maybe they figure I'll screw up the process anyways since I'm a mechanic by trade, lol

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    Great video mate. A tip I always tell people, is that you want a "hand span" width pattern at a "hand span" distance away.

    I generally use a 1.8 mm tip for Epoxy Primer/Sealer and 2K hi fill primer, could be why your EP is 'peely' as is generally pretty thick. Worth putting some in your drilled gun and trying.

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    Looking good, Tom. What did you use (and how) to get the spray tip out of the HF gun? I didn't want to ruin mine, but I haven't been able to get it out yet. That raptor liner is starting to gum up in there a bit and I really need to clean it out.

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    I think you will love the new gun Tom. I have seen alot of folks using the purple gun, but had no idea that the pattern was that small. On cleaning the spray guns one of the guys at SPI gave me a tip of keeping some thinner in a squeeze bottle ( like one for ketchup or mustard ) to clean the guns. You can get them in clear online really cheap. It has served me well when cleaning them. I also use a small glass pyrex dish too. The more time you can wait the better. It will allow the solvents to escape and the primer to shrink. I also like to keep my over mix in my cup to give me an idea of how much the primer has shrunk. I usually end up with alot smaller hockey puck of paint. Great video!

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