What do we have here,
Ramírez? We’re done, lieutenant. We just need to send a sample
to the lab to make sure it is 100% cocaine
and the one we’re looking for. A sample? Give me one second
and I’ll tell you if it is or not. Let’s see… Don’t you rather wait
for the results? Relax, Ramírez.
It doesn’t take long. We’ll see what it is. We’ll know what it is
in a second. No. Not yet. I think it’s better to wait
for the lab results. Relax, don’t be nervous. It’s just
that I’m not sure that… Jesus Christ!
We’ll find out in a second! What a high, what a trip,
goddamn you, Pablo! And who’s this? Your girlfriend? That’s López, lieutenant.
She’s been with us for 6 years. She’s hot! Your girlfriend is so hot! I’d give it her good! Motherfucker… I feel like dancing
a goddamn crazy cumbia! A goddamn crazy cumbia! What is it, Ramírez?
What is it? Let’s go, more music! We want to send you hugs! Motherfucker! Do you know if it is or not? No. It’s not coke. It’s flour. I’ll take some
so my wife can make cakes, make a pie with ham,
a good ham. This is delicious! You’re all very tasty! Let’s go, bitches! Drug addiction creates, among other things,
anxiety, panic and fear. If you’re an addict, let it be
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