Harleen Frances Qüinzel, better known as
Harley Qüinn, is a supervillain associated to the Batman universe of DC Comics. She first appeared in Batman: The Animated
Series, on September 11th 1992. Her creators were the script writer Paul Dini
and the draftsman and designer Bruce Timm. Her origin, however, is explained in the comic
Mad Love, by the same scriptwriter. Little we know about Harley’s childhood
– only that she comes from a completely dysfunctional catholic-jewish family, so since she was very
little she was always interested in psychology. When she went to school, her gymnastic skills
were outstanding, and they helped her get a scholarship to study Psychiatry at the University
of Gotham. She got excellent grades, tho the way she
got them were not really appropriate. She soon showed interest in the most extreme
patients. This was why she started working at the Arkham,
and the Clown Prince of Crime himself was assigned as her patient. During their first session together, she introduced
herself as doctor Harleen Quinzel, but the Joker said he’d call her Harley, making
reference to the medieval jester Hárleqüin. The Joker tried to choke her, but he notice
a look of love in her eyes, instead of the hate he felt from his other doctors, so he
started to manipulate her mind, trying to have an ally inside the asylum. With time, Harley madly fell in love with
the Clown. Quinn constantly helped him escape from the
asylum. One time, Batman sent the Joker back completely
covered in blood after a beat up when he captured him. This broke Harley’s mind and swore she’d
kill Batman for what he’d done. The doctor stole a harlequin suit, with black
and red diamonds, from a costume shop and escaped from Arkham with the Joker. And this was how her criminal career started,
becoming, for good, Harley Quinn, accomplice of and eternally in love with the supervillain. Their relationship is difficult to describe:
they both usually treat each other with violence, tho Harley gets the worse part – she’s mistreated
both physically and psychologically. The Joker doesn’t appreciate her love, he
is just curious and fascinated about being part of a couple, tho at the same time he
hates having those feelings. On the other hand, Harley lives for her dear
Mr J, coping with his outbursts and confronting them with violence. Even tho she is extremely intelligent, she
suffers from several mental disorders, like sadomasochism, obsession and Florence Nightingale
Effect. However, she is totally capable of pretending
she is a normal person, using this ability to disguise herself and go unnoticed, which
helps with her evil plans. As for her personal arsenal, Harley normally
uses a huge wooden mallet – it’s her most characteristic weapon. She also carries a handgun with normal and
explosive bullets that imitates a boxing-glove gun. With DC Comics relaunch in 2011, the character
is drafted by the Suicide Squad, a group of villains led by Amanda Waller, tho when she
hears about the supposed death of the Joker, she betrays them and leaves the team. Harley also participates in the video games
tetralogy “Batman: Arkham”, with a quite radical change of outfit. Her last appearance was in the cinematographic
adaptation of the Suicide Squad, released in 2016. Margot Robbie plays the role (she became famous
thanks to the Wolf of Wall Street). Tho she is physically more similar to the
video games than to the comic, psychologically she is quite faithful to the original character,
and her interpretation has some details that fans loved – with this, the character became
even more famous, winning over lots of people who didnt know about her yet. They say there is a new release in the beginning
of 2020, the movie “Bird of Prey”, also starred by Margot Robbie. We have no doubt: either in comics or in movies,
our dear Harley will keep fascinating us with her unpredictable madness, as if it was our
first time seeing her!


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