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One more week, it’s Monday and this is Fuego Fatuo Art. Well, as all of you know if you follow me on instagram Some weeks ago, in mid August I was in London with @mr.malkins and, as usual, every time I go to London I end up spending more money than I should. And I wanted to show you a haul with everything I got in London! Which, actually isn’t much this time, because… Because I’m poor But, well, I’ll show you. They are things I got in different places and…. and everything will probably be a bit messy xD Some of them no longer have their tags or packaging because I am recording this two or three weeks after coming back from London And I’ve had all the stuff on my livingroom table since then waiting to record this, but I’ve been two weeks with A LOT of work And haven’t found the time to film Many of you probably know that at King’s Cross Station in London There’s a shop called Platform 9 3/4 Where they sell Harry Potter products. Many of them exclusive to the shop. One of the things I got there was this tote bag With a design by MinaLima I really love it, although I bought it as a gift for someone So I am not keeping it, but I really love it I almost regret not getting one for myself But as most of the stuff in these shops, it wasn’t cheap at all. so… that’s it. Then, also at Platform 9 3/4 I also got these Every Flavour Beans That come in a different packaging to the ones they sell everywhere else As you can see here They are exclusive to Platform 9 3/4 shop. Actually, all these Harry Potter sweets I buy them only because I like The graphic design on the packaging. So what I do is that . have a shelf with all the candies displayed But I don’t eat them. Firstly because I don’t eat many candies And secondly because I already tried Every Flavour Beans years ago And it’s a terrible experience. I was considering recording a video with Mr. Malkins Or somebody else trying them But, honestly, I really don’t wanna try again the rotten egg or vomit ones. and… eeeekk. It’s hard. So I don’t know what I will do. But I loved the packaging And I will display it next to the other packagings. Also at King’s Cross I got this keychain which is very silly. It’s an Amortentia Potion Keychain. That I like mainly because I have a shelf at home Decorated with potions stuff. Ingredients and pots, etc. And I want to do some kind of display to put it there with with all the other potions. I am not really using it as a keychain. I had already seen it in the shop in previous visits And I didn’t buy it the other times because it’s quite expensive. It was almost 9 pounds. But I wanted to have it for my shelf, now that it is finally taking shape. So here it is. There’s something that is the typical thing I never buy in trips to other countries Which is the merchandising by The Noble Collection, for example, that can be found almost Everywhere in Spain. But, I was at The Noble Collection Shop with Mr. Malkins and he checked the Euro and GBP values And their difference and we saw that, comparing the price at the Official The Noble Collection shop To Spanish shops and converting their prices to Euros, (Pounds were quite low that week) we saw that they were selling about 4€ cheaper. Nothing scandalous but it was cheaper. So I got this Barty Crouch Jr’s Polyjuice potion flask when he is…
THIS IS A SPOILER It’s the flask Barty Crouch Jr. has when whe’s pretending to be Mad-Eye Moody And well, it’s not super special, as it is something you can get at every shop that sells Harry Potter Merchandise by The Noble Collection. But I had been wanting it, specially for that Potions shelf That I have at home, so I prefered to buy it there for 4 euros less. Not much, but it’s something. As you can see the flask opens by pressing this “button” And… well It’s hollow, but I think I woulnd’t put any liquids inside I will display it there, where I have the potions. Decorating. So… what else? Following with the potions theme and my potions shelf. This time at the Warner Bros Studios (btw, I am working on a video about them, but there’s a lot of recorded content and I need to check calmly) There there’s a wonderful shop, so big where I go crazy every time I go. I’ve been there four times already, at the Studios, and this time didn’t buy much, but one of the things I got was this small cauldron I really don ‘t kn ow if it is supposed to be a cup or a bowl it’s a cockery cauldron. Not sure if it has to be used as a bowl or mug or something, but… I want it as a decorative item In this part I have like a wizard’s studio Which I will show you when I do a home tour showing you my place. which won’t be soon because I have to fix many things I have a lot of unfinished things. I’ve been here for two years and a half already But as I am very picky with decoration I’m doing it so slowly I like to know first which are my necessities when i am living in a place to be able to putting shelves here, something else there But let’s get back to our topic which is the stuff I got during the trip This is just a cauldron. It’s from the same collection that the one you can see in the video I posted with the unboxing of the presents Dave sent me. And they look very good together So I bought it to have both of them. At the studios I got a very nerdy thing Which is the type of absurd merchandise I love, that really don’t make much sense. and it’s this: And what is this?? it’s a Harry Potter Sleeping bag!!! And why would I buy a Harry Potter Sleeping bag? I don’t remember in which of the films, there’s a scene where the students Sleep in the great hall And this sleeping bag it’s a replica of the Hogwarts’ Sleeping bags they use when they have to camp somewhere, etc. The kind of merchandise I like Is basically replicas of items. Objects that are like of taken straight from the wixarding world and make me imagine myself as a wizard. (Which, obviously I am) So this, actually, I am not sure if I am going to use it because I never go camping But it is something so cool to own. I am showing you. It’s a Sleeping Bag. One of the things I like is that well, obviously it has a zipper on a side, So you can get in here. But here, on the part where the head goes It has like a pocket to put the pillow inside. So you can put a pillow here, and… then, the… The bag itself, I am not sure now where the dimensions are written but it’s about 70 cm x 190 cm. so it’s like a single bed And it is made of… In the inside it looks like cotton and the outside is made of fleece and it’s warm and very soft and I really love it, so here it is. Another of the things I bought at the studios and really knew I wanted before going it’s the cardigan Neville wears in the last movie. The only problem is that they only had it in sizes XXL and XS. And I needed a size S or M In the end, as the XXL were so big, and I didn’t know When I am going back to the studios because I don’t plan to go next year. But who knows. and sizing was quite big, I bought the XS. I just hope I don’t gain weight. And the cardigan is this. it’s like the one Neville wears in the movie And the only bad thing is there wasn’t any S size. Because it fits me, and I wore it in London the days after the visit But well, as I have wide shoulders It can be a bit tight And the arms might be a bit short. Bit well, it’s not that bad And I don’t like oversized clothes. So I like and I think I will wear it. One of the reasons I wanted it was that I really love it because I see it very wearable, but at the same time is a reference to Harry Potter without being too obvious because it does not have “Harry Potter” or “Hufflepuff” written on it well, I always wear Hufflepuff things but there isn’t anything too obvious on it Only someone that knows the saga with recognise it But I am taking it off because it is still hot in Madrid and I am boiling. Another compulsory visit in London for Harry potter fans is MinaLima.
MinaLima is the shop of the duo of graphic designers that make all the graphic art in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies. it’s basically a shop where I want to buy everything every time I go. Because they are genius and everything they do is incredible. but as I am poor I only bought a couple things. One of them is this tote bag Which is also a present for my sister. That i am not keeping even if I love it. As you can see, it has the potions book graphic in golden over a black fabric. And it is so beautiful. I really love it. Every time I go see the bags And I want to get one But then I never use them, This time I got two but they are presents. That I am not keeping. Another thing I bought this time is this Hogwarts Express Ticket card holder. There are a lot of card holders in the shop. But my favourite is this one that I actually already bought two years ago when I was there But it eventually broke. And I wanted a new one So I bought it again and one of the main reasons I buy this design and not another one It’s because I like to have my transport card in this card holder and be able to get in the Underground with the Hogwarts Express Ticket. I am this basic for some things. So, I already had one, it broke So this time I bought two. So they last longer. Another thing I got at MinaLima this time was a postcard. They have very beautiful postcards. I am taking it out of the envelope so you can see. At Mina Lima they have a lot of postcards and most of them are so beautiful. The ones I am more into normally are the ones with the covers of the textbooks used at Hogwarts. Which are the ones I buy and, instead of writing on them I frame them and put them in the corridor. When I do the Home Tour some day, I’ll show you. This is specifically of one of the covers I like the most among the books they made for the films. which is Water plants of the Mediterranean I thought they were from more places. Like lakes and something. I’ll show you the rest from previous trip when I do the Home Tour Every time I go I buy… Been going there four consecutive years xD Every year I buy one or two from the new ones they release. And everything left is from the shop at Harry Potter Play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Which are basically the booklets of the first and second parts, and three wands. This is the book you can buy when you go to see the first part. Which has a lot of information about the process, when they wrote the play all the actors, the people that worked there etc, etc. I bought it mainly because I was interested in seeing pictures of the costumes to try to make myself the Hogwarts robes they wear at the play, which are different to the ones in the films. The other one is this one, which can be bought during the second part. Or so it was when we went. And again we have JK here… And well, this one has many more pictures of the play itself. And the theatre, etc, etc. I guess this book and the one in New York are different. Annd well, a little bit of everything. I will show you this on detail in another video about the theatre play. Obviously I didn’t record the play, But I filmed things at the theatre outside the play. and well, I will make a video with a review and my opinion about the play. So let’s go to the important thing, which are The wands. This wand is Ron Weasley’s. Originally, when the play started, they launched Albus Severus Potter’s and Scorpius Malfoy’s wands. And later on they added Hermione’s and Ron’s And recently they also added Harry’s. I didn’t had these last three ones, so i got the three of them. These wands are different from, the wands used in the movies. I don’t know if they are considered canon or not, but they are different. And, as a wand collector, I like to own these specially because they are not like the ones in the movies. This is Ron’s Wand. It’s very simple but I find it beautifull and really like it. So I bought it. Next wand Is Harry Potter’s which which same as the original one has a more “woody look” And I really love it. Maybe this part is too thick. The handle. But I find it very beautiful. I usually like wands with a “natural” look, like wood/branches. Obviously this one is not wood. It’s resin. But I find it very cool. And now my favourite, which is Hermione’s. Which is this one. This one looks as if it was slightly inspired by the one in the movies. because it has some kind of vegetal elements Like an ivy climbing here. But not much, really. I like this one because it is bit less straight than the other ones. It has a slight curve. That I am not sure if can be noticed. and it’s less thick, which I like. I find it… without being spectacular, because one of the three is I find it a very beautiful wand. So this is what I got in London. Which is not a lot, and that’s good. Because I spent less money But well, that’s everything.
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