‘Head to Head Style Battle’ Sneak Peek | Turf War (Season 13)

– Today you must prove
your strength by facing off against another artist in
a head-to-head style battle regardless of region. – Damn. – I don’t want to face
off against you guys. – There are 10 artists remaining and there will be five different
head-to-head face-offs, each in a completely different style. – Okay. – Fine line black and gray. – You guys. – American traditional. – And Jimmy will be doing traditional. – Japanese. – Bio-mech. – What? I’m the (beep) bio-mech guy,
I specialize in that shit. I don’t think anybody in this room can compete with me in bio-mech. – And tribal. – Damn, tribal. (laughs)
– Really? – No. – Win your style battle and you will continue
to fight another week. Lose, and you will be up for elimination. – That’s half the room. – Five people in the bottom. – That’s intense, man. – When it comes down to just
one tattoo versus one tattoo, it’s win or lose. It’s going to be tough. – Big. – There’s no easy way out of this. – And this week, two of
you will be going home. – (beep) kidding me? – Holy shit. Two people are going to go home. That means my team can
be wiped out completely. – Just gets better and better. (groans) – One by one, the artist from the team with the fewest remaining competitors will pick which style
they want to tattoo first, and so on and so forth, until every battle has been filled. – No. – Choose wisely ’cause you
may not know who you’re going up against until it’s too late. – We’re (beep) – Sorry if I have to battle
one of you for bio-mech. – South, because you have the fewest remaining
artists in your region, you get to pick your style battle first. Jason, which style do you choose? – Tribal. – Tribal it is. Jason, please step over here. – First few years I tattooed,
I did do a lot of tribal. So I feel like to increase my
chances of winning a face-off, tribal’s probably the best way to go. – East, you’re next. Jimmy, which style do you choose? – This is my chance to take
someone out from the west. American traditional. (gasps)
– No way! – How does he keep getting away with this? I don’t know why he continues to do this. If I were Jimmy, it
would be worth it for me to pick something else just for the sake of shutting the rest of us up. – Jessa. – Win or lose, I think it’d be fun to
go up against Jason. So, I’m going to go with tribal. – Damn. – I’m about to hopefully knock this mother (beep) out of here. How cool would that be? – All right, Midwest, you’re up next. Jerrel, which style do you choose? – Bio-mech. – Bio-mech it is. – He just called you out. – Bob is so into his ego
with his bio-mech stuff and I want to show Bob
that I’m ready to play. – All right Kelly, what’s it going to be? – Japanese. – Japanese. – That’s real scary right there. – Japanese has a lot of rules. – I feel like he knows them. – Frank. – Fine line black and gray. – Wow. – I don’t want to go against
my own team for any reason. – He knows right now,
it’s going to be hard. – If I get chance to take
out somebody from the west, I’m doing it. – And finally, West. Bob. – Well, pretty obvious that
I’m going to pick the bio-mech. – Good. – Do it, man. – All right, buddy. – You signed a death sentence. – Oh, shit. – I want a competition,
I don’t want a cop out. – Angel. – I’m going to do fine
line black and gray. I didn’t come here to prove that I’m a good black and gray artist but I did come here to kick Frank’s ass. You knew that had my name on it. – I know. – Raul, which style do you choose? – Well, I’ve done the Jimmy face-off, so I think I’ll mix it
up today and go Japanese. I’m definitely taking
a risk today because, for technical application, Kelly is definitely one of
the strongest competitors but I don’t think he realizes how much Japanese I’ve actually done. – That means Hiram, you’ll
face-off against Jimmy, tattooing American traditional. – Nobody wants to face Jimmy
in American traditional, that’s the only thing that
that mother (beep) does. And this is going to be my
first traditional tattoo ever. I’m (beep). – The style battles are set. You’ll have six hours to tattoo. Your canvases are open and
have been randomly assigned. But, there is one more
thing that you should know. – Oh shit. – There’s always one more thing. – Your tattoos must speak
for themselves because today all of your tattoos will be judged blind. – Oh, no. – This will be a fun one. – True battle.
– That’s big. – Fail to win your head-to-head face-off and you will be up for elimination. – Good luck. – Good luck. – Head to your shops, good luck. – Let’s do this, bro. – Here’s what’s beautiful
today, we’re doing a face-off meaning two artists are going to battle in the same style, so it’s going
to give an even comparison. – All right. – This is a double elimination, so for us it’s going to be a tough day, but for them it’s going to be tougher. – This is what I got going on. – Okay, I’m not mad at it at all. – Let’s see it. – Doing a dragon koi. – You don’t do Japanese a lot, do you? – Either way, you’re going to beat Raul. – Raul wanted to do Japanese. You guys ever looked at his work? Oh, you didn’t? – No.
– Uh-oh. – Does he do Japanese? – I think it’s going to be a fun day. – Jason just wastes his time
trying to talk a bunch of shit. Jason should run his machines
how he runs his mouth and then maybe he’d do a solid tattoo. – His dragon koi looks like shit. That thing is really weird. – Wow. – What’s Frank drawing? – He’s doing an illustrative old man face, so it’s very illustrative black and gray. – That mother (beep) dude. – (beep) him. – I gave him the benefit
of the doubt for a second. – Jason just being a rat. – That’s happening. – Let me look at Bob’s now. What, what are you doing? – Nah, not telling you dude. It’s going to be a surprise. – Hope you’re not surprised Bob to take you out on your own style, man. – Jerrel looked me dead in the (beep) eyes when he picks bio-mech. I can’t back down from
a call-out that blatant. But honestly, I don’t do bio-mech in a six hour time-frame, it takes time. – His ego is going to (beep) just, (exhales) just gonna go right out the window. – It’s a lot of (beep)
pressure on me right now because, when someone calls
me out on something that I do every day, I have to
(beep) excel at that shit. – He has to be simplistic
as (beep) because, it takes Bob 20-something hours to do bio. I can tattoo faster than Bob, I don’t need to go as basic and I’m not going to. (rock music) – Artists, you have six hours to tattoo and this face-off begins, now! – This week we’re doing
head-to-head style battles. – Excited? – A little nervous. – Well don’t worry, it’ll look sick. – I decided to challenge Bob. – You got this. – When it’s two people doing
the same thing side by side, it makes a more definitive decision, who stays who goes. Head-to-head same thing, boom boom. – Here we go. (suspenseful music) – You said it was going
to be black and gray? – Yes, sir. The challenge was accepted by Angel, we’re both doing black and gray today and that’s kind of her strong suit. – Are they going to compare yours to hers? – Yes they are. I’m going to show her how
to do what she does best. (client chuckles) I’m not well versed in
fine line black and gray. I have to do this tattoo
cleanly and take her out. I know Angel is bringing a
really cool tattoo today, but I mean, this is like, twice the size and way more fine-line. I had some supplies sent from home and there was a picture from my daughter. It was a stick figure of me, I’m on this stage and there’s a trophy. Knowing that she already
sees me at the finale, it’s just motivation to get there. – ‘Sup Frank. – Not much, just checking you out. She’s focused. Look at that. – I know, laser focused. – Dig it. – He’s the guy I gotta beat. – He’s good? – He’s good at something. I don’t think he does black
and gray primarily, so. – Well, I’m glad I’m here and not there. – Yeah, right. – You have four hours remaining. (suspenseful music) – Mm-hmm. I’m glad we completely took
different directions on it. – Yeah. – I’m still going to win though, so. – All right, we’ll see. I do this shit every day. The other guy that signed
his own death-sentence, he doesn’t have a chance. (client chuckles) – Three hours left,
everybody, three hours. (suspenseful drumming music) (moans) – It hurts. – It (beep) does. – How much longer is left? – So I literally just going to do this bar right here. And then I gotta shade, that’s it. – How long you’d think that’d be ’cause my body’s numb. – Are you kidding me right now? Like, really? – My knees are still numb. – It sucks but, I need
you to push yourself as far as you can. – No, I get it. – I’ve been here too long and fought through to
much stuff to go home. We have to finish it. – I don’t know, dude, I
don’t want to do it to you but my knees are still numb. – Is it from you just laying there? – No. – What is it from? – That’s what I don’t know, ’cause like, I can’t hear out of this ear, that’s why. – Are you saying you can’t do any more? – I don’t think I should. – Okay. Really, all this work, all
this work is for nothing. There’s five people going
down, that’s half of the room and I have an unfinished tattoo. You might as well have just bought me a plane ticket home. She just (beep) quit. (groans) She’s, she’s done. – What? Wait. – Your (beep) knees hurt. I don’t give a (beep) about that. (beep) (rock music)

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