How a Retractable Ballpoint Pen Works

Click pens. You click them on, you click them
off. How do they work? And what creates that distinctive click? There
are many types of click-to-write pens. A simple latch mechanism
locks this ink cartridge in place; it’s released by pressing a button.
And in this pen an angled-tooth cam locks or releases the ink
cartridge. And here a triangular cam that tilts from side-to-side
to lock and release the cartridge. In this video I detail the operation
of this pen: a Parker Jotter, introduced in 1954. It’s one of
the first retractable pens. Now, listen carefully and you’ll notice
that it emits four clicks. A click when I push the button … a second
click when I release it …And then when I push the button to retract the
ink cartridge, a third click … and release… a fourth click. To
understand why these clicks occur let’s look inside. The pen’s barrel
houses an ink cartridge with the ballpoint tip, two springs—one at the
top and one at the bottom—and a plastic tube which is press
fit inside the metal barrel of the pen so that it is fixed in place. Inside
that tube is where all the action happens. A Parker Pen Company patent
describe the three parts that produce the pen’s click: the
cam body, the tubular plunger and the stop members. The cam body is affixed
to the top of the replaceable ink cartridge. During operation
this cam body rotates and slides up and down. The tubular plunger does
not rotate; it only slides up or down. The stop members are shown
as separate pieces here, but keep in mind they’re part of the press-fit
plastic tube and so never move. The pen can be in either of two
positions: the retracted, non-writing position where the tip of the
cartridge is inside the barrel. Or, in the extended, writing position
where the cartridge’s tip projects from the barrel. To see how the
plunger, cam body and stop members interact I’ve broken the cam
movements into eight steps. First, push the button to drive the plunger
and the cam body down the barrel until the top of the cam body drops
below the fixed stop members. Second, remember that the spring
at the bottom of the pen pushes the cam body up and so keeps it in
contact with the plunger. That axial spring force shoves the cam body
up the barrel, but also rotates the cam body because it mates with
the plunger at an angle. The cam body rotates 45 degrees until
it strikes the surface of the plunger. That very fast motion creates
the first click. Third, I release the button and a spring between the
plastic tube and the lip of the plunger forces it to the top of the
pen. When the tips of the plunger’s fingers clear the cam body, the
cam body rotates another 45 degrees until it strikes the blue stop members.
That’s the second click of the pen! Fourth, I release the button
completely and now the cam body remains locked in place. It cannot
rotate nor move upward and so the pen is ready to write. To retract the
pen I press the button to drive the plunger into the cam body, and to
push it past the stop members. The cam body rotates until it strikes
the plunger. That’s the third click. I release the button so the top
spring forces the plunger upward. When the plunger fingers clear the
cam body, it slides and rotates 45 degrees until it strikes into the
stop members. That’s the fourth click. Once the button is completely
released stop members slot into the cam body so that when the plunger
moves up, the cam body moves with it to retract the ink cartidge.
In extending and retracting the ink cartridge the cam body rotates 45
degrees four times — or 180 degrees total. The cam body has 180 degree
rotational symmetry so the next extend/retract cycle repeats the same
sequence of steps. This particular model of pen has sold over three-quarters
of a billion units since its debut. It took a team of sixty-six
people to design this pen. And although it’s a mechanical
marvel, the Parker company worried that this retractable ballpoint ink
pen would damage their reputation — Parker pens were fountain pens
— and so the company left off their iconic “arrow” clip. But within
four years the pen earned its arrow. And inspired other pen makers to
design click and lock mechanisms — all different to avoid patent
infringement. The clicking of a pen demonstrates how a single engineering
problem can have many engineering solutions ranging from robust,
to cost efficient, to unique. I’m Bill Hammack, the EngineerGuy.
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