How KIDS Behave At HOME – Types Of Kids | #Funny #Sketch #MyMissAnand

One side is the Police Man And the other is a goon We are the both Won’t you welcome me? Dabang song Do subscribe MyMissAnand in the name of Chlbul And press the Bell Icon Let’s see the video Mom when will you take me Tinga Land? Dear, will go next week Keep on shifting the dates Never got the date to visit Tinga Land And only remains a date Mom you have used the date as a weapon Next week my exams will approach and again the date will remain Will you go Mall Of India? No O hello! you will take me to the Mall Of India and then to my home with complete shopping And Yes I am not going to leave you Don’t be in a doubt…I am Anantya of Noida Tomorrow onwards you have exams…So go and study Else will get Zero in exams Don’t worry Mom…My Luck is with me Luck works along hard work The school will remain close due to the growing pollution have you seen Mom? Wow Bua so big gift Yes a gift for you I am getting so excited..can’t wait to open This is the Barbies three storeyed town house I was waiting for it so long But where is my Birthday gift? Check and open..It’s inside It has only a card in it Yes this is a scratch card This is Mattel Toy Bast Offer If you purchase any Mattel Toy You will get a scratch card Scratch it has to miss call Look And we won Toys worth 9999 Lottery!!! Really it’s my lucky day Today…Right Mom What ever I desire am getting since morning So dear ask good marks in exams Mom should not be greedy enough Tell you one secret This Barbie Doll House too I got from the same You too are lucky I am so lucky that i won tis doll house I got hurt How did you got hurt? Mom first give something to eat Yeah! coming You make me feed Mom I need to have Tuti-Fruti …Getting fainted take this MomI need Water Have water How did it happen? I fell down on P.T ground Just show me Omg! such a big hurt I think have to give Tetanus injection No Mom No injection Come Let’s admit you Just will call your dad..He will directly come to the Hospital Which color is this anaya? It’s not yellow It is pink as we have worn…matching Just wait..I will be back Heo! Aunty Helo! Is Mom at home? Do come in aunty..will inform her Excuse me…Will clean it Is it comfortable? Or shall bring more pillows Water… Outside it’s hot You came from hot..So cold water for you Empty glass Anything else Anantya come and watch BiggBoss So please give me something to eat Don’t act like a foreigner…Eat with your hand Water is there? Look new three storeyed doll house Come will show you the tour of it This is the Kitchen…it has Dining Table Freeze and cooking area This our living room…Has swings too Luxurious washroom And this our Bedroom Come will play in this Luxurious home Anantya let’s go to play New Doll House Right? Let’s Play Your Mom Dad easily gave you such a big doll house? Yes, and you too can purchase it Mattel Toy Blast offer You have to purchase one toy and win so many from that Like my Doll House Then I too will buy Mattel toys Is Mom making food which I don’t like Ma’am clothes What are you looking? Have you burnt these clothes? Or Used cheap detergent? No you can see madam Tell me fast is Mom behind all these? will have to see So, Anantya define Heart Tell the past and future tense of sing? In past tense sang will come So did you enjoyed our today’s video? Mattel Toys Blast offer till 31st December 2019

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