How Legendary Chocolate Master Jacques Torres Builds Chocolate Sculptures — Sugar Coated

– Do people ever ask you
if you’re like Willy Wonka? Is it like the magical sensation? – That guy is a fake. That guy doesn’t make any chocolates. I am the real Willy Wonka, don’t start with him, he’s a fake! – Today we’re working with chocolate and we’re not just working
with any chocolatier, we’re working with the king of chocolate, Jacques Torres. We’re in his factory where he’s gonna show us
some really cool techniques. – We’re going to do a centerpiece first. We’re going to build a centerpiece about, I don’t know, two and a half feet tall, and then we’re going to make some flowers. Three different kinds of flower, some leaves, some butterfly, and we’re going to
assemble all that together. We’re going to do some
type of marbled chocolates and then we’re going to do the flowers, then leaf, butterfly, and then we assemble
everything together and done. Then you go home! – Voila. Alright, great. – So the dark chocolate
is 62% dark chocolate. So 62% means 62% of the… In the chocolate 62% comes from the cacao, the rest is sugar. – [Rebecca] So how much chocolate are you using in your factory? – [Jacques] A year we use
about 150 ton of chocolates, which is quite a bit of chocolate. Oh you do it fancy! (Rebecca laughs) So the way to do it is to
put some dark chocolate here, just glue it this way. Move right and left, and it should hold. – Oh wonderful. – Should. Okay, then we’re going
to do another one here. We do the same. – [Rebecca] Are we not freezing it because you need flexibility in case… – [Jacques] Yes in case we
have a problem, you know, I want to move it. Then now I’m putting chocolate here, and then I’m going to glue this one. Let’s start with… We’re going to put this one here. When you put a centerpiece together remember that you look at the balance. The balance is very important. – Yes. That’s the first one? – That’s the first one, the little, the center of the flower. – Okay. – Okay. Then the other one, that’s the leaf that’s
going to go around that, so we’re going to it a little bit bigger. If it doesn’t work close your ear. So the air doesn’t come out.
– What do you mean? (Rebecca laughs) – I’m going to try something new. I’m going to dip it here first, and then I’m going to dip it here second, and hopefully we see some of the red. Maybe, maybe not. So, you see it keep going. – Yeah. – So this is the first
one and I want the drip because the drip going
to be on the other side so the center of the
flower going to go up. – Okay. – Now, the next one I’m
going to use a spoon and I’m going to put
some red chocolate here that’s going to be inside the leaf. Pardon, the petal. – [Rebecca] Are we using a
liquid food coloring or powder? – [Jacques] So actually it’s a powder and the reason is chocolate
doesn’t mix with liquid, with water-base. Chocolate mix with actually oil-base so you can use oil-base
but not water-base color. (upbeat music) So, we’re going to pop
this one very lightly. You don’t want that to explode, you just want to make a little hole. And then I’m going to remove… And I’m not going to touch the
top I touch just the bottom because I want that to stay
the way it is, like that. (Rebecca gasps) Okay? Now we’re going to use three petal, – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Jacques] and we’re going to glue them on the bottom here. Okay you can use the cold spray. Tiny bit more. Okay so, what we’re going to do, I’m going to show you and you can do it. You start next to the
flower and you do a pass, then you turn it. Okay, go ahead again. Okay it’s enough. – [Rebecca] What would
you say is your philosophy in becoming a chocolatier? – [Jacques] I come from a small
city in the south of France. So I know the fisherman who
sell the fish on the market, I know the butcher. I mean I know, I can put a face behind pretty much any product that
my mom was buying in Bandol. So when I came to U.S., that
doesn’t exist here anymore, you don’t put the face behind the product, it’s very different. So when I opened my first
business, I put a big window, and I was behind the window
making the chocolates. And I want people to say, “It’s actually Jacques Torres
who make the chocolates.” And they can tell me what they want. So to me that was very important. – [Rebecca] Do people do
these showpieces anymore? – [Jacques] Very rarely. – Did you like chocolate before
you started working with it? – Actually, you know it’s a funny question because I remember that my
mom used to buy those… You know those big box of chocolates where you’re more
packaging than chocolate? (Rebecca laughs) You know supermarket chocolate? – Yeah. – And to bite into those chocolates, and when one was full of that fondant, sugar fondant with fruit flavor, I hate it. But when I hit one of those
with almonds and hazelnuts, oh my god that was so good. So I remember that was
the flavor that I want. So that’s my only memory
with eating chocolate. Okay we’re going to let
that dry a little bit and it’s ready for assembly, okay? So my guess is, flower, maybe flower here. – Yeah. – Huh? – Yeah. Do you want it right there? – No, It’s not going to hold. (Rebecca gasps) – I didn’t do it. – I didn’t do it. Okay the butterfly fly, but
we still have a centerpiece. – Less is more. – Yeah, less is more, you’re right. (Rebecca laughs) – I mean ideally, a showpiece like this takes more than just one
day, more than six hours. – You know, I actually
can do it relatively fast. I would certainly put
it together in a small, you know, colder environment, maybe in the packaging room because it’s a little bit colder, piece will hold a little bit faster. – Right. – So I would work differently, but you know on the whole it’s… When you do something for show it’s always a little bit different. – Yes. – And then we encounter some little problems.
– Challenges. – But you did great, thank you very much. You know, that was a…
– No, thank you so much. – You’ve been a good help and I hope that you
learned a few techniques– – Definitely. – Along the way. – Always a pleasure. For more videos from
Sugar Coated, click here.


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