How Much Does A Quince REALLY Cost (pt.2)

Hello loves and welcome back I hope you guys
are having an amazing day! Today we’ll be finishing up the estimates
on how much a quinceañera costs so if you havn’t watched the first part already it
will be provided for you up here. But for those of you that have lets finish
it up. Ready let’s begin. If your planning on going all out and want
to amaze your guests with a choreographed waltz. Be prepared to spend at least $350 on a professional
to guide you. Typically, quinceañeras have two bouquets
one being the natural and the other the artificial bouquet. So for natural real life flowers they do tend
to be more expensive they go from $80 to $120. And for the artificial depending on the design
then it goes from $45 to $80. A quinceanera dress on sale can be as inexpensive
as $500 but can come up to be $2,000 or more. Quince extras are a thing quinceañeras get
but aren’t necessarily a must but if your budget allows you to then why not. One of them being a candy buffet which you
can make and decorate on your own. Or you have the other option of hiring a professional
candy buffet that can charge you from $300 up to a thousand dollars. Depending on how many people your planning
on having and the type of candies that they’ll be providing for you, the labels, the jars,
the designs, the baggies, the table clothes , and so on so forth. Most photobooths start at $300 dollars an
hour but will only cater your event if you sign up for at least 2 hours which means in
total it would come up to $600. One of the biggest extras that isn’t the quinceaneras
decision it’s mainly her parents is the alcohol. So if your parents are planning on serving
alcohol at your celebration keep in mind that bartenders do start at $500 a night. Our most favorite part hair and makeup. In a package you can get both of them starting
at $200 depending on what kind of makeup you’ll be getting whether conventional or air brush
and also the type of hair do. We are done for today but we are curious to
know how much your quinceanera really cost. So comment down below and don’t forget to
subscribe and give it a thumbs up. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

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