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My name is Jim Bond. I’m a kinetic sculptor and I make sculptures that move, but also have illusion in them. This piece behind is ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ and it’s based on the story of Rosalind Franklin, who worked on DNA and her data was taken by Watson and Crick, who famously won a Nobel Prize and she was never really properly credited for her work. And the story emerged a lot later, the groundbreaking work that she’d done. Particularly her photograph, which she adapted the equipment to get this amazing photograph, called Photograph 51. So both her portrait and the photograph are visible in the sculpture. So the two lenses here line up the center of her eye in the back, which is here, and the idea is that her eye becomes the center of the image in the lens and the image is a a representation of her photograph, Photograph 51, which is the first image which clearly shows kind of cross with little black, blurry marks, and these marks were the first indication of a double helix was the correct structure. From most angles, the sculpture is not visible, you can’t tell what it is and that was the whole point of the narrative of the piece is that she was invisible and only gradually did she become much more prominent. And also there is a resemblance to the structure she was trying to photograph, which were also impossible to see and she managed to make them visible through the techniques that she developed. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16… One section of the eye is here. The pupil of the eye is here. 21, 22, 23 layers The furthest forward section of the portrait is this little bit of mesh, which is the top lip. And then, if you keep going back through the sculpture, there’s very elongated pieces of wire, which describe the side of the face. And the idea is that you can’t see the sculpture, and nothing is really visible of the face, so that’s why some of these wires are distorted. Just to confuse the eye and make the portrait invisible.


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  • Lamb Of Demyelination

    She died before the Nobel prize could be awarded to her, they didn’t “take” her data, she shared it, she published it. You make it sound like they stole it, but they worked together, she physically was not eligible for a Nobel prize. Sure, she perhaps deserves more recognition, but I’m pretty sure more people know who Rosalind Franklin is than Watson, Crick and Wilkins.

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    The names Bond Jim Bond.

  • gamers in a container

    Coolest name of all time!

  • Timmy

    Pretty cool

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    0:41 Don't lie … only geologists do ground breaking work … ;p

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    This made be feel so sleepy


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