How Sketch helps teams easily share designs with stakeholders

Sketch for Teams makes it easy to share your
work with the right people at every stage of the design process.
Instead of relying on file-sharing services, chat apps and emails to share work, you can
keep everything together, in a single, shared workspace, that you control access to. Here’s
how it works. When you sign up for Sketch for Teams, you’ll
get access to a team workspace. It’s the place to share all the design work you want to collaborate
on. And when you sign into the Mac app, you’ll
be able to see every document your team is working on. Contributors can open them, make
edits and upload new documents, too. Whenever you make changes to documents in
your team workspace, they’ll be saved as a new version and you’ll get a full history
to browse through, so you can see progress over time.
But what about sharing your work with stakeholders like project managers or developers? Well,
you can invite them to your workspace, too. Here’s how.
Let’s go to our Team’s settings page and scroll down to the Members list.
We can see all of our design colleagues are listed as Contributors. They have access to
the Mac app to create, edit and upload documents to the team workspace.
But we’ve also got Viewers. They can see your team’s workspace and view documents in the
browser, but unlike Contributors, they won’t be able to make any changes.
To add a Viewer to your team, simply click the Invite Member button and enter their email
address. You can add as many Viewers as you like here,
and they won’t count toward your Sketch for Teams bill.
It’s worth noting that Viewers get access to all of your teams’ documents. So if you
have clients who only need to see specific designs, you’ll need to invite them on a per-document
basis instead. To do this, head to the document you want
to share, click on the cog icon to open its settings, enter an email address, then click
Add. Now you’ve got the whole team inolved. They
can see your work in progress, browse through previous versions, and even leave feedback
— but we’ll cover that in another video. That’s how Sketch for Teams makes sharing
your work easy. Visit to start a free trial today.

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