How Sketch helps teams to share feedback

Sketch for Teams makes sharing feedback easy.
Instead of exporting artboards, emailing PDFs and collating comments across different platforms,
you can handle all your feedback in a single, shared workspace. Here’s how it works.
When you’re part of a team, you can dive into any document in your shared workspace and
leave a comment on any artboard. By commenting on individual artboards, it’s
easy to discuss feedback right next to the part of the design it relates to.
You can use Markdown and emoji to get your message across, and mention people — using
the @ symbol — to get their attention. Keeping up with feedback is easy — and there
are three ways to do it. You’ll get an email notification when there’s
a new comment on any of the documents you’ve shared, or any document you’ve commented on
before. You can also see recent comments by clicking
on the bell icon in the main overview of your team’s workspace.
Finally, you can quickly spot which documents have comments by looking for the comment icons
next to each document’s thumbnail. Grey ones refer to comments you’ve already
read, while orange ones mean there are comments you haven’t looked at.
You’ll also see these icons next to individual artboards in each document, so you can quickly
catch up with the latest conversation. We’ve already mentioned that team members
can comment on any shared document. But what about people who aren’t a part of your team
— like contractors or clients? Well, you can add them to individual documents
in your document settings. They can view and give feedback on documents you’ve invited
them to — but they won’t be able to see any others. And don’t forget that your Sketch
for Teams bill is only based on Contributors in your team. Those are people who need to
edit and upload Sketch documents via the Mac app.
Viewers, who only need to view and comment on documents are free. And you can add as
many of them to your team as you like. That’s how Sketch for Teams makes sharing
feedback easy. Visit to start a free trial today.

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