How Sketch helps teams to stay organized

Sketch for Teams makes organizing everyone’s
design files easy. Instead of relying on third party solutions,
file-sharing services or handing hard drives around your office, you can keep on all of
your designs in a single, shared workspace. Here’s how it works. When you sign up for Sketch for Teams, you’ll
get access to a team workspace. It’s the place where everyone in your team can store and
share design work. In the All Documents tab, you’ll see a grid
of thumbnails for each Sketch file that belongs to your team. They’re sorted by their last
update, so you’ll always see the freshest files first. If you need a little more information, under
each thumbnail you’ll find the document’s title, the time of the last update, the name
of the team member who it belongs to, and the project it’s saved in. Speaking of projects, they’re an easy way
to organize your team’s files by client, project name, or just about any other grouping you
can think of. To create a new project, click the plus icon
in the sidebar, pick a name, and click Create Project. Now you can move existing documents into projects
by hovering over their thumbnails, clicking on the settings icon, and choosing Move to
Project. In the sidebar of your team’s workspace, you’ll
also find the Libraries tab. That’s the place to find any Libraries that your team share
— whether you’re collaborating on a design system, or your simply sharing a set of icons
that you can update from a single master file. Any documents that have the ”Use as Library”
option checked in their settings will appear here. Keeping your files organized on Sketch Cloud
is easy, but that’s only half the story. When you sign into the Mac app with your Sketch
for Teams account details, you’ll see every document your team is working on. You can
open them, make edits and upload new files, too. Whenever you make changes to documents in
your team workspace, they’ll be saved as a new version and you’ll get a full history
to browse through. That’s how Sketch for Teams makes organizing
your team’s files easy. Visit to start a free trial today.

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