How This Puppetmaster Turned His Fear Into Art – mitu

– When I was younger, I was shy to tell my friends
that I would play with dolls or like toys and things like that. I just embraced it the
best way that I could. My name is Cain Carias
and I’m a puppeteer. I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. The neighborhood that I arrived when I came over here was MacArthur Park. MacArthur Park is really
active when it comes to gangs. You know, there’s always
something going on every day. You hear sirens left and right. A lot of gang bangers
would tattoo themselves like a fearless clown. Hello. – I was bullied a lot right there, ’cause, you know, I didn’t
speak English at the time. I used to go to a high
school right near the theater where I used to work. Time in the theater kept me
away from a lot of trouble and a lot of things, that’s
why I’m actually still here. It kind of gives you a freedom
to be whatever you can be. Puppetry actually saved my life. It’s taken a long time to
get over my fears as a kid. I relate a lot with the characters of IT. They are outcasts full of fear, but one day they decide to fight. – We need to finish it, for good. – We can do this, but, we
have to stick together. – I’m braver than you think.


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    This is dope.

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    finally they got him on youtube?

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    The thing I find cool is that I have the same last name

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    a puppet you know little puppet and big puppet there mi primos ha ha ha
    orale doggy thats firme holmes keep it going to show the next generation of chicanos to hold our culture with value and respect cause we are the past helping our kids to be better in there future cholos are normal people pero soliders fathers tios primos carnles hijos de docito not just gangsters tu sa ves?????? RESPECT FROM PHX AZ WEST SIDE ? ???


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