How to Airbrush a Desert Scene : Airbrush Desert Scene: Play With Colors

Right now I’m going to show you that, colors,
I want to say cripple some people. They get a mind set that they have to use the same
colors over and over and over and over again. What you should do is when you’re practicing,
if you’ve got multiple colors like I do here, I have a tee shirt rack that’s got 28, 29
colors on it. And you’ll see that I have multiple air brushes. At one time I had an air brush
on every color. And it just increases speed and efficiency whenever you’re painting something.
Just take a color, say I’ve got brown. Just find out what colors look good together with
it. I just draw a line of it. Right in the middle. Okay. What colors do you think going
to look good with it? I don’t know, let’s try some yellow. Just butt it up right next
to it. Yeah sure they look good together. You know brown and green and blue are going
to look good together because they’re earth tones. What about pink? Does pink look good
with brown?
Yes it does. It looks very good with brown. You just got to remember that, don’t be afraid
to put colors together. One thing my father taught me was, if you’ve got colors that are
opposite of the color wheel, and that means if it’s a cold color or a hot color meaning
red or blue. If you put them together they’re going to vibrate against each other and they’re
going to get your attention and that’s the whole point of putting them together is to
get your attention. So don’t be afraid to put colors together. Pink and brown, do something
cool with the brown letters with a pink background and it’ll look nice. Thank you.

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