How to Airbrush : Assembling Airbrushes

Hi, I’m Mike and we’re going to talk about
that dirty airbrush. Same goes with this. This here airbrush, the cup doesn’t actually
come off. So you just take the lid off, rinse it out really good. Same thing, pull the back
of the brush off. Take the needle out, wipe it off. One thing you do want to remember
when you’re putting your airbrush back together, is when you push this needle in, don’t jam
it in real hard because you’ll mess up the tip. And they are pretty expensive to replace.
Until you have a little more experience with these brushes, do not take this cap apart
because it causes problems. You need things like beeswax to put it back together. The
workhorse, this one here is easy. There’s no bottle on it. If you need to clean the
bottle, you just take it apart. Throw it in the sink, throw it in a cup of some water.
You can take this tip apart, it’s not quite as complicated. But just make sure that you
put it back together the same way you took it apart. And also when you’re pulling these
needles out, this trigger mechanism when you pull it out will fall out. And you will struggle
until you know more about your airbrush to put it back together. This one here’s just
like the other airbrushes. Pull it off the back, take the needle chuck off. Slide the
needle out, wipe it off. Put it back in carefully so you don’t booger up the end of the needle.
Thank you.


  • cortedemico

    don't booger up the end damn-it! 🙂

  • Oleg Goldberg

    Mike, Great job I like all your videos, concise easy to follow and great audio, thanks!!! i have decided to give the air brush a shot. (i do resin model kits)

  • catbme

    Ive always been curious about airbrush thanks for the videos
    Cat B

  • Loner W. Nopurpose

    question: of course, I did the only "don't do" you mentioned. The trigger mechanism fell out. Anybody, please contact me and tell me how to put it back in correctly!!! Argh!!


  • Stacey Lynn

    "put it back together the same as you took it apart uh" Yes so incredibly helpful


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