How to Airbrush : Types of Airbrushing Paint

How are you doing? My name is Eric Ware. My
company’s name is Sane Infinity Artworks. Then we have, like I said, up here is WD40
for my lube. I have to lube my airbrush. After I clean it every now and then, I need to lube
it so it won’t get jammed up on me. This right here is some corny stuff. I don’t
know why I keep it here, but it came with the kit so don’t worry about that. And this
is like a primer for my helmets, motorcycle helmets, tanks, car hoods, whatever the case
may be, or any little/small items down here that I do, but I keep the bigger primer at
home in a garage to do car helmets and stuff. Keep the water right here handy, like I said
before, for the airbrush cleaner. Mix these 2 together in that bottle right there to clean
your airbrush. Here’s my little glitter tube, keep that on handy, thanks to Claire’s.
Everybody wants glitter sprayed on there stuff. That’s about it for the setup on that. This
one of the pieces I already have done, but we’re going to show you right now how to
demonstrate it being done. Not this piece per say, but how airbrush shirts are done.
This is a finish product I already came up with out of my head. That’s how I do everything
I do. No sketch, no pencil, straight up airbrush. We’re about to get going.


  • Brndon076

    WD-40 not a good choice but works

  • TruthSurge

    man, last comment was 7 months ago! vid is supposed to be about airbrush paints and not one paint was shown. 🙁


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