How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY (beginner friendly hacks)

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel! Today, I’m going to be showing you how to apply eyeshadow perfectly This is good if you’re a beginner, and it’s also good if you’ve been having some problems. I hope you guys like it! Okay… When you think of having good eye makeup, you think of blending, and having good blending brushes, and this is so important, but what’s also really important is how you hold them. If you ever feel like your eyeshadow turns out really patchy, try not holding it close to the bristles, I guarantee you’re holding it a liitle bit too close to the ferrell and this is gonna make your eyeshadow turn out a little bit patchier because you have too much control when you hold it from the tip of the handle you’re gonna have a lot less control which sounds like a bad thing but it actually gives you a softer more airbrushed blend so keep that in mind as you watch this tutorial. The first thing I’m gonna do is take away any of the little stray hairs and, like, my hair grows so fast so I do this all the time.
I’m taking some thread, and I’m just threading these away It’s really simple, and this is going to make the
eyeshadow look so much smoother. You don’t want texture over texture,
it just doesn’t look good. To make all of the colours pop, and to
keep my eyebrow looking really really clean, I’m going to clean it up with some concealer underneath the brow. I’m taking a flat brush and some concealer, and I’m
pulling this underneath, and then all over the lid. If you could look at your eyelid really really close,
you’d see all of these indentations and really fine lines which make eyeshadow blending really really difficult. So I recommend taking a skin-tone padder and setting your primer with it, Not only does that make your eyeshadow easier to blend, but it also creates a really really smooth looking base. Now I’m going to take my first eyeshadow and start applying this to the area where you would see if my eye was open. This is, like, above the crease, and this is called a transition shade. Basically, it’s going to create gradient in your eyeshadow look and make everything look a little more natural than just having color on the lid. I wanna keep the inner corners of my eye bright – that’s like a really universally flattering look, so I’m gonna take some light eyeshadow and just place it there for safety so that some of the dark shadow doesn’t start to transfer towards the inner area. Now you can start working on the outer corner of your eye, and this is where the darkest shadow should go. When I wanna pack on color really well, I hold the brush really close to the bristles. That way, I get firm control and I’m able to just like really push it on. And then, when I blend, I always like to hold it a little bit farther away to get less control and a more airbrushed look. Now I’m gonna take my blending brush and I’m gonna start pulling the color towards the mid area of my eye and then towards the outer area, just to get rid of any of the lines I created with my brush earlier. And then once it’s all blended, I’m going to start taking a little bit more color and just packing it on just to intensify the look. And of course you can keep going until you like the drama that you see… Is that good? That lighter eyeshadow has really settled into my skin, so putting a second layer is gonna make it really really intense I’m also gonna apply this to my brow bone, and then blend a little but until everything looks seamless. To finish off this look, you can
always add false lashes if you’re feeling frisky, Or if you just wanna add mascara
that’s fine too, maybe some eyeliner – it’s all up to you and this is a really universal look; you
can wear it daytime, night time, intensify the colors switch the colors up, and it just looks so beautiful every time. So I hope you guys try this technique, and enjoy these tips. I’ll see you guys next time.


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