How To Apply Gel Stain to a Large Raw Wood Surface

How To Apply Gel Stain on Large Surfaces Mineral Spirits Parawood Table Top; existing finish was removed with this sanding schedule: 80-grt, 100-grit, then 120-grit sandpaper Apply a slip coat of mineral spirits to help the stain flow easier Java Gel Stain Apply a liberal amount of stain A paint pad applicator is best for large surface areas Maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks Remove excess with absorbent cotton terry cloth towel Replace stain soaked towel as needed Is is important to use a cotton TERRY towel or rag as they have enough absorbent properties for a tabletop On small projects, shop towels are fine for wiping away excess stain Remember: the right tool for the right job makes a difference. Finish with three coats of topcoat

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