How to assembly a FPro Gun and FPro Lock spray gun? | SAMES KREMLIN ?

Do you know the correct process to assembly and disassembly an Fpro P and FPro Lock gun? Continue watching this video and you will know the correct way to do it, specially for the maintenance. The tools that we will use, are thefollowing: Metallic hook, plastic hook, two wrenches of 5.5 mm, spanner included with the gun, dielectric vaseline, SAMES KREMLIN grease PTFE, Loctite 222, pentahead 15mm, Pentahead 24mm, allen wrench 4mm, torque wrench scale 0Nm to 20 Nm, Allen wrench 4mm, gloves and industrial cloth. Assemble the swivel fitting adding loctite 222 on the threads, use gloves to apply it using the spanner tighten the swivel fitting. twist and assemble the air adjuster of the handle using the spanner we recommend to apply 10 Nm torque in the air adjuster (use the 15 mm penta head) For the Fpro Lock place and screw the second plug next to the air adjuster we recommend you to apply 5Nm torque assemble the needdle packing holder using the spanner place the trigger place Loctite 222 in the screw of the trigger and using two wrenches of 5.5mm screw and tighten the trigger using the spanner screw and assemble the air fan adjuster we recommend you to apply 10Nm torque, using the 15mm penta head For the FPro Lock place and screw the first plug using the 4mm allen wrench we recommend you to apply 5 Nm torque, (using the allen key 4mm) using the SAMES KREMLIN PTF grase grace and mount the air valve until observing that makes contact with the back of the trigger grace and mount the valve spring (using PTFE grace) grace and place the needle (using PTFE grace) stress the trigger many times in order to avoid that the needle sticks using the spanner, screw the needle stop sleeve grease and place the needle spring (using PTFE grace) place and screw the product adjuster until observed that is possible to adjust the trigger for the FPro Lock place and screw the needle stop sleeve (use the 4mm allen key) we recommend you to apply 5 Nm torque, (use the allen key 4mm) install the distribution ring place the Vortex on the needle Assemble the nozzle using the spanner being careful to keep the trigger stress in order to avoid needle getting damage we recommend you to apply 15 Nm torque in the nozzle, (using the 24 mm pentahead) place vaseline in the thinest firts seal assemble in the deep of the aircap ring install the aircap head in the correct position Install the stop ring using the metallic hook until observe that is inside of the first slot of the aircap ring place vaseline on the second thickest seal assemble inside the second slot of the aircap ring screw the aircap in the gun and manually positions the aircap outputs finally place the Restrictor in the product inlet of the gun Thanks to watch this video! remember, if you have any question, please write it in the comment box also you can follow us in our social networks

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  • ajo lote

    Buen tutorial .. Haz uno mostrando como se ajusta y pulveriza mi valedor.


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