How To Blend Colored Pencils

Hi! I’m Cher Kaufmann. Have you ever
wondered how to blend multiple colored pencils together. It’s the number one
question people ask when they’re beginning to learn how to color. So let’s
go through a few tips that can help you. In this example here, you’ll notice that
multiple colors can not only bring texture, like this bark on this tree, but
can also help with shading for shadows and a little dimension in things like
foliage. One of the things to think about with using multiple colored pencils
together is to have a dark amid in a light color so that your range varies as
you’re moving through blending one to the other and you’ll notice on this example
here they’re all green but this one is different colors this way and then yet
it still all works. In this example here we’re using three different colors one
in the red one in the purple and one in a very light purple, its the lavender type
color to create a blending of three different pencils and I’m going to show
you some tips on how to move these three colors so that you end up with more of a
seamless blending rather than a line that goes straight across. One of the
things to think about when you’re beginning to move color onto a page is
that you want to always start with very light layers. I like to do my layers in
small little circles or longer ovals what that does is allows my color to
overlap without creating a very strong line and I like to do them in very light
layers that way I’m not putting too much pressure on that part of the paper that
actually grips the pigment that’s called the tooth of the paper. When I’m down
here in this little divot, I can put a little bit more pressure down here as I
move up to the lighter areas where I’m going to be adding my next color, I’m
doing very light pressure and here I’m doing just these little ovals so they
can begin to overlap with each other. I’m not so much worried about coloring all
of the white spaces at this point because I’ve got a lot of layers that
I’m about to put down. I’m going to go to my second color and I’m going to do very
light layers, little ovals beginning to overlap my purple
layer and my red layer together. Coloring takes time,
you want to not necessarily rush the process otherwise you end up with a
stronger line and you kind of have a hard time maybe getting past that but if
you have the patience to just be able to do some of the soft little layers and
let them build themselves on top of each other you’ll end up with a nice vignette.
I’m going to move to my third color do little circles begin to move it down
fill in the space and I’m going to begin to very lightly overlap doing longer
ovals I’m also going to rotate my pencil meaning I literally rotate my pencil. So
that the point stays sharper longer this is my base layer and I’m going to repeat
this process multiple times until it ends up with a very seamless blend from
layer to layer. Now that I have some of my established layers, I can begin to
vary my pressure and begin to put more pressure in those areas that I know that
I want the color to intensify and those layers only. For instance, down here I can
now begin to put some deeper pressure but I’m still going to lighten up as I
begin to move into my areas where the purple and the red overlap so I can
still allow them to move together color pencil is a slow medium it’s not a real
fast medium so for the sake of time I’m speeding up the video so that you can
see the process, but I definitely can put more pressure as I’m down at the base
rotate my pencil and here I’m adding a little bit more pressure because I can
bring in a little bit more of that intense purple color. I still want to
have a nice blended effect so I’m going to go a little bit wider as I move into
the red and just let that build and a little bit lighter as I move into this
very light lavender now here I’m going to do something a little bit different
here. I am asking this very light colored pencil to begin to move and blend this
purple the blending technique that not everyone
knows about but you can use these lighter colors to help move and blend
these these other layers together so that they begin to move with a little
bit more of a seamless look. Maintaining a sharp pencil is really the best way to
create good coverage and consistency to your coloring it really allows those
pigments of your pencil to get into the grooves of the paper, to the tooth of the
paper, so you always want to make sure that your pencil is sharp. There, now
you’ve seen an example of how to blend multiple pencils together. Now it’s your
turn. Find your style.


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