How to Buff a Floor: Spray Buffing & Burnishing

Spray buffing and burnishing floors is a
fast way to restore your floor shine this video will demonstrate how Floor burnishing should only be done on a clean floor Make sure you have already cleaned or
scrubbed the floor before following these steps First gather your equipment Use the proper pad. Different floor finishes
respond uniquely to a variety of floor pads and polishing
equipment Most of the time you can use a beige or natural hair pad for high-speed burnishing We typically use a red pad for spray
buffing Place wet floor signs at all entrance
ways Wear appropriate shoes to avoid slipping Spray a stream of finish in a ten by
ten foot area This minimizes the amount that gets into
the air You can also use a mop on restorer
or a restore product that is run through your auto scrubber Buff or burnish the floor to a high shine overlapping your passes Flip or change pads as needed Dirty pads can scratch and harm your floor
finish Properly clean and store your equipment The objective a green for maintenance program is to minimize the frequency of
stripping or removing floor finish Having a good maintenance program is
crucial to achieving this goal

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  • suprajzturbo85

    Watch this and it will explain the 'scrub' part.


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