How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone

so Apple makes it easy enough to sign up
for a subscription service like Apple music to your iPhone but cancelling that
service used to be much more of an ordeal fortunately in a recent update
Apple made it a lot easier to do that although you can still do it the old way
if you want so here’s the short way to cancel a subscription
you’re gonna go up here to the App Store icon and you’re gonna press it you’ll
see your profile up in the upper right hand corner press that little icon then
you’ll see manage subscriptions in the middle and you’ll press that so you’re
gonna have to wait a couple of seconds for the subscriptions to actually load
but then you’ll see both your active and expired subscriptions in this case we’ll
pretend that we want to unsubscribe from Ulysses we’ll click that and at the
bottom you see an option to cancel subscription press that and you’ll no
longer be paying for it so let’s do it the long way this is the way you used to
have to do it all the time but fortunately afla made it so you don’t
have to do this anymore so you’re going to go into settings you’re gonna see
your name up here you’re gonna press on that and then you’re gonna go down to
iTunes and App Store you’ll see your Apple ID up here you’re gonna press that
and you’re gonna see this option to view Apple ID press View Apple ID you’ll see
this you don’t have to authenticate with a face ID or you know you can enter your
password and then down here towards the bottom you will see subscriptions so
it’s gonna do the same thing it’s gonna load your menu you’ll see your active
and expire subscriptions and you just do the same thing and that’s basically all
there is to it but good luck figuring that out on your own


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