How to choose the right tip for my airless sprayer?

Welcome to the Airless-Discounter video series Today we’ll talk about choosing the right tip for your Airless sprayer of the brands DEMA, Rotenbach, Dino Power and or are offered under
“No Name products” on Ebay and Amazon. These sprayers have a performance of approx.
1 liter per minute and can be used with a max. tip size of 515. That means they are suitable for lacquer and light indoor dispersion. This sort of equipment is not suitable for painting façades, applying spackle, or covering
ceilings because they do not have enough performance. As I mentioned before, the tip
515 is the max. tip size. But what does this 515 stand for? The number 515 is an indicator divided into two informations. The first 5 indicates the spray angle. In this case, the 5 means: 50 degrees, 4 means: 40 degrees, el 3: 30 degrees… This means the material is sprayed
through the tip with this angle. If I want to paint a large area, for example, a wall, the best option is to take the widest spraying angle, to cover the widest surface in one shot. To more detailed works, as
painting beams or window frames, i will logically prefer a tip allowing me a more accurated spray action. In this case, I will choose a tip with an angle of 20 degrees. like the tip 211. All tips are named with this 2 number combination. I justed explained the first number, the 5 in 515. The next number is 15. This two digits correspond to the
hole diameter of the tip through which the material is sprayed. It determines the amount of material per minute sprayed through the tip. To make it clearer: If I work with a particularly thick material,
I use a 515 tip or a indoor dispersion one, because I need a big tip, like the 15. If I have a particularly thin material, I need a smaller tip, like the 9. How can I choose the right tip according to the material I am working with? There are different ways to do that. Every manufacturer has a table with technical specifications about tips and they should supply this table to costumers. This table may be posted in a website. This table can be compared to a medicine
prospect. Information about its use is provided and generally enough data about which materials can be sprayed with which tips. Another option is to get advice from your supplier or any specialized trade, like hardware stores or painting and construction megastores. You can also check our website, just following the link in the screen. In this web you will find a table with tips models and features, like material types:
lacquers, indoor painting,
façades painting,… and recommendations about which tip is the best for every type of material. I can give you some examples of what tip to use for what kind of material: The 211 tip is design to work with thin lacquers with a very detailed spray, as for beams and window frames. If you want to paint or varnish a bigger surface, like ceilings or tables, then you need a 411 tip. And for the given example with indoor dispersion, to paint rooms or a house, best option to work with this kind of sprayers is a 515 tip. ¿Which are the suitable tips to work with this airless sprayer? The Farbmax Silver Tips, the Wagner TradeTip 3, and the Airless Graco RAC V tips. The Graco RAC X tips, the blue ones, are NOT suitable for this kind of pistol. They DON’T work. I hope you got a first view about the right tip choice for this kind of airless sprayer. In the next videos we will talk about how to choose the right filter for your airless sprayer, how to swap it and how to solve other problems. If you have any question, please leave us a comment (related to this topic or any other) and we will reply asap. or visit us in our web! see you soon!

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