How to Clean a Shoe Dauber | Kirby Allison

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison and we love helping
the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to clean gunked shoe shine daubers. If you have any questions or
comments during this video please ask them in the comment section below. I
enjoy getting back to all those personally. There’s two ways to clean your shoes shine daubers. One is the quick and easy way and then the other is the more thorough way. The quick and easy way is to just take your shoes shine dauber and really just break off that hard and dried pop polish and wax against a
cotton chamois — but the method I’m going to show you in greater detail in this
video is how to thoroughly clean your shoes and ever using the Saphir Reno’Mat
thoroughly cleaning your dauber with the Saphir Reno’Mat is especially
important if you’re gonna switch colors that you’re using on the dauber
so this dauber right here has been used with the Burgundy if I wanted to use
this same dauber with a different colored shoe polish I really need to pull not
just all the waxes out this diaper but the pigment also and that’s where
the Saphir Reno’Mat comes in the Saphir Reno’Mat is designed to remove
hard waxes and pigments which makes it perfect for cleaning your dobbers if you
don’t have any Saphir Reno’mat at home you can also use dish soap take extra
precaution when cleaning your daubers to protect your clothing against any
unintentional stains I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and put on an apron but if
you’re doing this at home you might want to just use a cotton t-shirt. Step 1 add
a sink pour some Saphir Reno’mat into your hand and work it into the dauber
bristle and circular motions continue to work the bristles until you
feel the hardened polish begin to release. Step 2 once the bristles have
softened rinse the dauber under hot water and continue to work out the
polish and circular motions repeat until all of the shoe polish has been removed
and the bristles are cleaned. Step 3 rinse the shoeshine dauber under water to remove any residual Saphir Reno’mat and then drive the bristles by brushing
the dauber against a clean towel. Step 4 allow the bristles to completely dry
before using the dauber again the dauber bristles will dry in clumps and so
before you use that dauber the next time gently brush it against a clean chamois
and there you are your shoe shine daubers are completely
clean. Here at the Hanger Project I’m proud to offer one of the largest
selections of luxurious shoe care and garment care accessories anywhere in the world including a full range of shoe shine dauber. If you enjoyed this video
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  • Jia Hui Boon

    Hello! Thank you for your video! I remembered vaguely that one can clean a dauber by "shampooing" with saddle soap as the soap also removes pigments and waxes from the bristles, so I was wondering whether the claim about the saddle soap method is valid?

  • Jeremey VanAllen

    As always, thank you for the video!

  • jazzmusic808

    Dawn dish washing soap is better.

  • Sally Oseguera

    Good video. Instead of scrubbing in your hand use a textured silicone trivet, works like a charm.

  • Miguel Chavez

    Helpful information here, thanks!

  • Dede Gede

    can you also use the RenoMat to clean brushes as well?

  • Cpl Archie Hamilton-Martin

    I am a proud air cadet member and have achieved a rank of Corporal. One of the things we do on our black parade shoes (they look identical to oxford just make a different sound) is have a mirror shine on them. I have used Kwi shoe polish to achieve this, being an junior non commissioned Officer I love to take pride in my uniform. If I suddenly switched shoe polish to sapphir would it impact my shoes in anyway. P.s I would recommend cherry blossm to try out as it does an excellent job of nourishing my leather but doesn't bring up a mirror shine.

  • woodstock

    Kirby I clean mine with dawn dish soap and it works great.

  • JimL

    “If you don’t have RenoMat at home, use dish washer soap”… I think you actually mean “If you don’t have dishwasher soap at home, in a pinch use your expensive renomat”.

  • Randy Bingham


  • S S

    Sir, I’d be great if you could make a video on how to dye a shoe in a different color than its original color.

  • William Coolidge

    I don't use daubers anymore (and haven't for years). I use a piece of an old T-shirt wrapped around my finger. The application is much more precise and there's nothing to clean up after. When the T-shirt piece is thoroughly pock-marked with spots of polish I just throw it out.

  • Ryan Cook

    Hi Kirby, Should you ever do any touching up on shoe trees? I use cedar shoe trees and lightly sand them about 1-2 times a year to bring back the cedar smell to them.

  • Andriy Proshchenko

    That sink in the video is rather ungentlemanly looking, such a contrast to your fine clothes and shoes.

  • Vessquire _

    Wouldn't mineral spirits work?

  • Tim Cogswell

    Perfect timing. I was recently thinking about trying daubers (rather than my old socks), but reserved purchasing any as I presumed they would become "gunky" and stiff with use. Well, now I know it's a simple wash and dry; could not be easier… many thanks.

  • Polo Mare

    Ah, HA! Chocozucaras, your identity is no longer a secret to the world! 😉

  • Martin Marquez

    I was looking for a video to properly clean my shoes with saddle soap but i liked and am subscribing. If you have the video i need please reply with a link for me, i would apreciate it. I am learning to care for my shoes. Buying better nicer shoes to go with my suits and stetson fadora hats.

  • Deysi crazy. loca locadia

    What do you used this brush for?

  • TheRealParsonz

    Could i also use medical grade ethanol or surgical spirit to try and remove pigment and hard dried wax?


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