How to Cover a Tattoo Using Foundation | Special FX Makeup

This our last step of covering the tattoo. I have with me a beauty blender sponge which
is one of the most amazing miracles in the makeup industry. And I have created a skin tone foundation
that matches hers. It’s important when picking out a foundation
for a tattoo cover that it’s also thick and creamy. The creamier the better. You don’t want liquid makeup. You want something that’s very creamy and
thick. So I’m going to take this sponge. You can use any sponge but I happen to love
the beauty blender. I’m going to stipple a little bit of makeup
on there. So it looks like that and then I’m just going
to start dabbing it over the tattoo concealed area. And this looks like I’m beating her up but
it actually feels really good. Doesn’t it? And then I’m going to take the other side
of the brush and pull the foundation out into her skin. And then we’re going to powder. Moving my brush with powder, taping it out
then powdering the area. Tattoos are actually quite difficult to cover
especially close-up. You can usually do a good job of faking it
from far away. Unless of course you have an airbrush machine,
air compressor and an air gun. You can do some pretty great things with that. And that is how you cover a tattoo.


  • Justinne Umadhay


  • MrSasyB

    this is part 3 watch the other two videos! they went up before this. i hate it when people talk without even knowing what they're talking about.

  • mimicool1989

    go and watch part 1 and 2..this is part 3 O.o

  • NewFoundAli

    wow that looks really good

  • Matt Hampton

    Coming from someone who doesn't have a face pic lmao

  • diana roy

    gud job !

  • SLIH Cosmetics

    You would still use Orange b/c Black ink still essentially has a blue base. 🙂

  • beautylover261

    What base would u use if the tattoo is green please help !

  • Shanice Soobroyen

    U would use red

  • phan af

    Tbh you can still see the tattoo and your skin would look tacky

  • holly simpson

    These videos are so helpful. Thankyou! Brilliant job!

  • Mariana Nolasco

    She's practically stabbing the woman with that beauty blender

  • adrienne young

    hmmm…I can see the shape of the tattoo

  • Tú My

    I believe that the nearly unnoticable silhouette of the tattoo is because the extra layers powder between corrector, concealer and foundation

  • Lulu

    Texture you can't hide, but the color you can correct

  • Denniz H

    Ur wasting the powder

  • Rimsha Khalid

    Omfg it looks so flawless and radiant

  • GeaPeaSutcliff

    So what if your tattoo is white, pink, brown, and black?

  • Ms LaFeya

    no make up make up look

  • Helen Myers

    made a right mess of this, loads of non 'professionals' on here have done much better

  • sam ryan

    I don't have any tattoos and have no intention to get any… why am I watching this?

  • Genesis

    Doing this for my wedding day thank goodness for make up!

  • justforthetv

    Ew, on your skin though, why. I wouldn’t want someone else’s oils on my skin


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