How to Cover Tattoo w/ Orange Concealer | Special FX Makeup

I am going to show you how to cover a tattoo. The first step is obviously always clean the
skin. I am going to take a little bit of alcohol
and I am just going to rub it over the tattoo that I want to cover. Now, because this is a blue black ink we’re
going to use the opposite color on the color spectrum to neutralize it which is going to
be a bright orange. This looks a little bit crazy and scary but
this is the color that we are going to use. I am going to use a concealer brush to apply
this bright orange corrector. If you do not have a bright orange corrector,
you can use a Ben Nye, which is a stage make-up that you can get at most Halloween stores. You can use that as well or any kind of orange
make up. But the corrector is a little bit better. It is thick and sticky. And then I am going to start tracing the tattoo. You do not want to get the corrector on the
regular skin that is not inked, if you can avoid it. This is a really great technique for weddings,
auditions. You don’t want to get the orange corrector
on the skin because it makes it easier to blend out if it’s just on the color that it
is correcting, or, that it is neutralizing, otherwise you have to worry about covering
up orange on the skin on top of covering the tattoo. Getting the general shape covered and then
I am going to go back through with a finer brush and go along the edges. Okay, so we have the majority of the tattoo
covered and now I am going to grab my angled brush. I have a thin angled brush and I am going
to load that with orange corrector and go around the outline of the tattoo and get it
as close to the edge as possible. You can use any kind of motion you like, if
you like to use a long drawing motion that’s fine, or if you like to stipple it on there
that is fine as well. This is going to be a lot of layers of makeup. Just know that it takes a little bit of time
and depending on what color your tattoo is, that will determine what color of corrector
you use. Typically you’ll cover a tattoo with an orange
or peach color. A lot of people say, “I can never really get
their tattoo covered, what am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong product?” It’s probably not the wrong product, it is
probably the wrong color. You want to do the opposite color on the color
wheel because you’re trying to neutralize the color. So, if you have a red pimple on your face,
you put a green concealer on it. It’s the same with the tattoo. If you have a blue ink, you want to put orange
on it. So now that that is all covered, we are going
to powder it with neutral set powder. I love using the Nye neutral set so that’s
the powder that I’m going to use. I am going to take my powder brush and I am
going to load it with powder. Flick off the excess and powder. This orange corrector is pretty thick so you
want a quite a bit of powder. Powder helps the concealer set so that it
does not move and that it’s ready for the next layer. I am going to remove all of the excess powder,
trying not to smear that orange concealer and that is step one.


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