How to Create And Cast Bronze Sculpture : Adding Liquid Polymer: Casting Bronze Sculpture

Hi, my name is Gary Mitnik. I’m a sculptor
here in Sedona, Arizona, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. This is the liquid polymer
that we use for the initial dipping. The other tank over there is for the other coats. This
will pick up the detail and we start off with a very, very fine, very fine sand. This is
called zircon sand. It’s very dense, very fine, almost to a flour consistency. And that’s
the first coat that just gives us the detail. And as we dip each time we go into different
sands which increase in size. That’s how we do it, back and forth. You dip it into the
buttermilk, as it were, and then into the flour. Doing a little tour. This is how we
do the coating of the sand. Some people just throw sand on it. This is what’s called the
fluidizer. Just like an avalanche, you can’t push your hand into it until you add air and
then it fluffs very nice and easy, coating the piece easily and without a lot of stress
on the piece. It’s very fluid. It’s like fluffy. And then when we pull it out it’s all sandy
and we let it dry. Then we do this five to seven times depending on the size and complexity
of the piece. Then you’re left with a shell that’s yellow. It starts off green and dries
to a yellow. That lets us know when it’s dry. We drill the relief holes and now we’ll go
to the burnout and we’ll be able to see a burned out shell and how we actually do it.

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