How to Create And Cast Bronze Sculpture : How to Attach a Base to a Bronze Sculpture

Hi, my name is Gary Mitnik. I’m a sculptor
here in Sedona, Arizona and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. When it comes for the basing,
this one that’s already been based, it’s the only one we have in the shop right now. We’ll
drill a hole; we’ll mark and drill where it needs to be cut on the stone. We’ll use a
stone drill, go through the stone. And then, what we’ll do is, we’ll take the stone, put
it on top of the wood and mark it with a marker. And then drill it with wood bits. So, now
all the holes line up. We flip it over, screw it right up from underneath and then the piece
will sit without falling over. And people like to the turntable so they can see it spin.
Some people use just stone. Some people use just wood. Some people don’t even use a base
at all. Sometimes what they’ll do on larger pieces and it’s going to be sitting on a table
top, they will fill it with spray foam, let it set. Shave off any excess and cover the
bottom with felt so it doesn’t scratch somebody’s table. Here, with the roadrunners, as you
saw how we were doing earlier. The bug has been completed and put on. The legs have been
put on. He’s been mounted on to the base and this is going to be patinaed sometime soon.

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  • Romana Angersbach

    I was made it too. just used Woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))


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