How to Create And Cast Bronze Sculpture : How to Make a Ceramic Shell for a Bronze Sculpture

Hi, my name is Gary Mitnik. I’m a sculptor
here in Sedona, Arizona, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. This will take about maybe
ten minutes to burn out and about another fifteen minutes to really, really cook and
fuse together to give us a nice white clean shell. And, as you can see, you can see the
marks that we put on here. The wax comes spewing out of these holes and out of the bottom of
the gates. This piece thankfully is nice and cool now, I can touch it. And if you listen
to it, nice and hard, it’s a ceramic shell. So we’ve remade it once in a negative with
the rubber. Once again a wax positive. Now a ceramic shell negative, and then when we
redo it one more time we’re going to be putting the metal in. And that’s the fourth time we
remake the sculpture. What we’ll do is, we’ll plug these holes with a ceramic patch. We’ll
put it back in the burnout; get it back up to fifteen hundred degrees. And under here
where it’s covered up is the furnace, which will get the metal up to about two thousand
to twenty-two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. And when that temperature is right, the temperature
of the metal is right, we drop them down just like we did before, flip it upside-down, lay
it in the box, and then we end up pouring the molten bronze right into the funnel cup
and then it feeds and cascades right down the entire piece. That’s where you’ll see
the molten bronze go into. And it only takes about five minutes for us to, for it to solidify
hard enough where we can pick it up. Once it’s hard enough and we’ve let it cool enough,
we’ll take and bust this ceramic shell off with hammers. It just falls right off. We
end up with a big old slurry pile right behind us. Once we end up breaking up off all the
shell, exposing the metal, we’re left with the shell as you can see that is very hard,
but brittle. We end up throwing all this away. Very labor intensive and very expensive, yeah,
material expensive.


  • Marona Tanner

    good video

  • Wim Grundy

    My, My My SEDONA! Beautiful place for beautiful sculpture!

  • alandavs


  • alandavs

    What is the material you us for the slurry?

  • Ian Woodard

    ok, and how do you make the shell? the video title suggests thats the subject

  • Robert Schulke

    Thought this was a "how to".  It's more like a commercial for a small foundry operation.

  • aneyesky

    "Expensive" is relative. material costs in foundry work is miniscule when compared to commissioned work. But if the pieces just sit around ,it can add up.


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