How to Delete Apps on iPad and iPhone? How to Move Icons on iPad? Organize apps in folders on iOS

You have an iPad, but… “How do I delete an App?” I don’t need the calculator “MaxiCalc Free” anymore… …because I purchased “MaxiCalc Pro”, so… …to completely erase an App from the iPad, you: “Touch and Hold” the icon; everything gets shaky; …and touch the “X” – you have the chance to cancel it… …but you really want to remove
this app and its contents, so… …choose “Delete”. The App is gone! Press the “Home Button” to finish. Bonus Tip: “How to move Apps to a different screen?” Find the icon you want to move… …“Press and hold” that icon;
everything gets shaky, …hold the icon and drag
it to the desired place. To move the icon to another page… carefully drag it near the edge of the screen. You can rearrange all of them and even organize apps in folders. When you are happy, just
press the “Home Button”. And remember… …it works exactly the same in
your iPhone and iPod touch. Bonus Tip 2: “What if I want that application back?” The App Store keeps the whole list of apps… …you ever purchased or downloaded for free. just look in the “Purchased” section if the app was not discontinued you can download it as many times as you need. Did this video help you? Give it a “like” or “dislike” Share it! Comments are highly appreciated! And check out our Apps on the App Store! See you around in the next… You Have an iPad!

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