How to Distress Milk Paint

Today we’ll demonstrate two distressing techniques to age a finish. A paint over a paint. And a paint over stain. Have the following tools ready: 180,150, 0r 450 grit sand paper. 220 sanding pad, a non-sticky tack cloth, shop towels, and either foam or bristle brushes. Synthetic can be used as well as natural bristles brushes Synthetic brushes last longer when used with water based finishes. Natural brushes tend to flair out eventually when used regularly with water finish. But often we just like the shape of the round ones like this one. Always remember to stir the paint thoroughly, getting the contents up off the bottom of the can. And if its a little thicker than you like, you can always add a little water. The first method will be applying Milk Paint over Milk Paint, using Basil Green and Brick Red. Cheryl… What Im going to do today is paint this molding with two coats of brick red. I’ve sanded it with 150 grit paper and Im going to use a bristle brush. These work great for moldings like this because it gets really deep in the groove. And Im going to apply my Brick Red on here. And i like to do that first coat really nice and solid. There we go. There you go Cheryl. Then Im going to let that dry for a good 2-4 hours. And I’m going to buff in between with a 220 sand pad. These work great because they are flexible And it can get in the grooves real easily. And then I’m going to clean it off with this tack cloth because you don’t want it dusty, you want to clean all of that dust off. There we go And I’m going to apply one coat of top coat and I’m going to use High Performance. And what that does is, it’s going to give me a barrier for when I put my Basil paint on next. And that way when I sand through I can see more red. Now this is already my second coat of paint. So I normally do two coats of paint and it makes it really nice and solid red. Now this one already has two coats of paint on and I’m going to put my Basil paint over the top. Remeber we put that High Performance in between So we get a nice solid color And we can sand through and see that red underneath. As you can see, this Basil isn’t going to quite cover all the way. So you definitely want to put two coats on so its nice and solid. And now Cheryl is going to show you how hand distress. What I like to use when I sand through is usually 150 grit sand paper. You could also use 180 if you have that. And Im just going to hit these edges and sand through to reveal the red underneath. And we did use some High Performance, and what that does is it just allows you to get through and see more red. If I didn’t use any High Performance in between my two colors, you would actually burn through a lot quicker to the bottom right to the bare wood. And this paint dries really night and hard, so usually I’ll let it dry 2-4 hours and then ill do my distressing right away. If you leave it go to the next day you’ll have to use a little bit more muscle to get this paint off. There we go. I’m just going to tack cloth this off And to take this one step further, you can glaze your paint combination. Here’s the finished piece with Burnt Umber topped off with 3 coats of High Performance Satin. Remember, glazes dry quickly so when working with glazes adjust your thermostat to 70 degrees Our next demo is distressing Milk Paint over a water based wood stain. We’ll be using a custom Driftwood Gray mix over Black Cherry Water Based Stain. Cheryl… What we’re going to do first is sand our board with 150 grit sand paper. And then clean it off with a tack rag. And then I’m going to stain it with Black Cherry Im going to use a poly brush but you could also use a bristle brush, those work fine as well. And you want to put this one pretty heavy. That way you can wipe it off evenly If Im doing large projects, Ill use a handy painter applicator like this for a big table or something. You want to be able to put it on quickly so you can wipe it off evenly. There we go. And Im just wipping this with a shop towel You can also use a paper towel works real good too. There we go Now Im going to let that dry for 2-4 hours This ones been drying for 2-4 hours And Im going to apply a coat of top coat over it. Now I don’t want to sand it because I could burn through it and then I could reveal some of the board underneath, Right to the base wood. But Im just going to apply My high Performance Top Coat over this. And these painters work great because they get real deep into the groves. And allows my High Performance to glide right across the surface. There we go. Now thats going to dry for 2-4 hours and I’m actually going to put on 2-4 coats of that. Because I really don’t want to be able to burn through once I put my color on top of that, my paint color, I don’t want to burn all the way through. This one already has two coats of my High Performance on, And Im going to apply my Queenstone Gray mixture with Driftwood Right over the top. And I like to put this first coat on pretty liberally. That way its almost solid, so when you’re putting that second coat on, you’re just filling in anything that you missed. And again, this is going to dry 2-4 hours. There you go Chris. So now Cheryl will show you how hand distress this finish. I’m gong to take 150 grit sand paper, you could also use 180 And Im lightly going to go over the edge, because we’re just going to burn through and show that under color of Black Cherry. And every once in a while you actually burn all the way through to tje bare wood and its easily taken care of if i add a little bit more stain on the top and wipe it back off. to Im going to show you how to do that right now. I got just a little bit of color off here and I want to keep that Black Cherry There ya go. And here is the Driftwood mix over Black Cherry topped off with 3 coats of High Performance Flat. Here are a few more looks. Coral Crush over Snow White. Snow White over Coral Crush. Queenstone Gray over Coral Crush. And Lamp Black over Patina Green. All of these were topped off with 3 coats of High Performance Satin. and a little taste of distressing. Thanks for checking us out.

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