How to Do a Termite Treatment with Termidor SC Termiticide

Hey I’m Chris the Bug Guy from,
and today I’m going to show you how to get rid of termites using Termidor SC. Termidor
SC is considered the #1 non-repellent termiticide on the market for treating termites with the
active ingredient fipronil. Most professional companies provide Termidor termite treatments
because once you apply it, it lasts for over 10 years, and it kills termite colonies in
as little as 90 days. Termidor is a concentrate that comes in a 20 oz bottle. One bottle can
make 25 gallons of finished solution and treat 60 lineal feet. Each house usually needs 3-4
bottles. Now let’s go outside and show you how to use Termidor in the trenches around
your house. Step 1 is digging the trench. The trench against your house should be 6″
wide and 6″ deep. You can use a shovel or a pick axe, and the trench will be directly
against the foundation. Once you have dug the trench, it is 4 gallons per 10 feet, 10
lineal feet, along the house. So you are going to mix in the termiticide, make a line on
the bucket if you need to for 4 gallons, and once it’s mixed we’re going to evenly distribute
it over the trench. So we have a 10′ section over here. You are going to evenly distribute
those 4 gallons over the 10′, and then move on to the next section. By the time you get
back around this should have dissipated into the soil. Now once you have finished trenching
and filling the trench with the termiticide, and it’s had time to dissipate into the soil
you need to put the back fill back into the trench. Now the dirt right now is untreated.
This is the dirt we took out of the trench, but you want to make sure that you treat it
before you put it back in because you don’t want a layer of untreated soil on top of the
treated soil. If termites happen to go right near the surface, they are going to skip the
termiticide you placed in the trench. So this is a lot easier with two people. You want
to mix some termiticide in a 1 gallon pump sprayer, and then you want to have a shovel
or a rake to push the dirt back in the trench. The person with the sprayer is going to go
ahead and start just wetting the dirt down, not so much that it is muddy, but just start
wetting the dirt down, and as you are pushing it back in with the shovel or rake, the other
person is going to wet it down. Just move on down the line. Let him wet it down a little
bit. As you shovel it back in they’re just going to wet down that back fill and get it
mixed well with the termiticide. Now your house is completely protected by the professional
termiticide. I hope you found this video useful. For more information click here.


  • Wayne Lynch

    Confused… is the video about ''preventing or destroying'' termites in home? Video shows you treating the ''soil'' around a home… but below you say, ''If you are doing a termite soil treatment, then you would have to drill through brick or concrete to get to the soil underneath.''
    Do we need to drill through brick or concrete and treat soil underneath home?
    My home was infested 6 years ago and they did it through brick & concrete to treat soil under home, plus they did a trench like the video.
    If I do it myself, do I just do a trench or would I need to apply under home again? I thought the company had told me that when it was time to retreat, they would drill again, plus do the trench. BUT company just switched to Sentricon Bait System, so I am exploring options.

  • Ross G

    Good video i use this chemical alot and id recommend using dirt to "dam" the solution so it doesn't run off into lower points, i use a 9lt watering can with the sprayer head pulled off and a restriction (small hose) put in it so it doesn't gush out and i get even application, and do this with the backfill also and it goes further and it does a way better even job.

  • Michael W. Perry

    I find it easier to make up a gallon mixture and do the digging 2.5 feet at a time. A gallon container is easier to pour from and it's easier to get the mixture to distribute evenly when the ditch is shorter.

  • Country 2theSoul

    How do you apply it when you have pier and beam foundation with a dirt floor crawlspace?

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  • Alexander Chuyko

    It`s a nice tutorial! – to dig the soil or to drill holes when there is a concrete driveway. But what we have to do when a timber decking (hardwood) is meeteng an outside wall (brick veneer), please?
    There is no appropriate gap to dig a tranche there. Do we nwwd to take all the decking out for the digging and treatment around or threre is a ssmarter way to do this, please? Thank you

  • Alexander Chuyko

    It`s a nice video! Could you tell me whether I can spray Termidor via weep holes in brick veneer, please? To apply it in between bricks and drywall voids, please?  Some people advices to do that, but some is against taking Termidor is for outside use only. Thank you

  • Jorge Serna

    I have termites in my restroom and bedroom walls. I dug a ditch on that side of wall but can I drill through bricks and spray into wooden cavity or would another product be better for wall cavities.


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